Your favorite NEW (as of 6Apr2017) Franciscan book



Only rule is that it has to be new. I’ve read all of the old ones.:smiley:


How new is “new”?


‘New’ Franciscan book?



Sorry if I was unclear.:o

It has to be new, as in published for the first time in, say, the last 6 months.:wink:


Was sounding surprised because I am not sure I know any “Franciscan” books apart from maybe a couple of fairly old ones - The Flowers of St. Francis (or some such title) and one on ‘Franciscan Spirituality’ - and so was taken by the fact that you requested titles for “new” Franciscan books, somewhat highlighting a self-evident fervor on this particular path. Your question, in itself, was clear. :slight_smile: Does this request also include the need for new titles of saints who were inspired by Franciscan life, or only books specifically concerned with the actual path of Franciscan life, itself?

(I’d be interested to read some material myself so am interested too).


Well, I’ve read the histories of at least 40 congregations of Franciscan sisters in the US. In some cases, I’ve read several histories of the same congregation. So it probably adds up to 60 or so books. There are also some interesting books on Franciscan spirituality. Not sure where you are going with this…


You should read Chesterton’s book on St Francis. :slight_smile:
They can be about other Franciscan saints, or about Franciscan spirituality, or about the Franciscan charism. :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks, I’ll look out for that book! I saw a production about St. Francis’ life recently but couldn’t find it anywhere on the Internet, after viewing it. I’ll have to keep an eye out and let you know if/when I do. Haven’t read anything of Chesterton but probably ought to as a Catholic, and this would certainly be a good start, considering I like St. Francis. And love some of his prayers.


The official English translation of the latest (2013) Capuchin Constitutions just came out this past February… I think the part on Prayer is worth reading even for non-Capuchins.


Link? (please) :slight_smile:



Thank you!!!


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