Your favorite non-Biblical Christmas story?

Christianity Today has an interesting article–favorite non-Biblical Christmas story. We’re not just talking movies here, but stories, which might have been told through any media–television, movies, dance, opera, cantata, print, etc.

A few (evangelical Protestant) celebs weighed in on the article. One man stated that his favorite story was It’s A Wonderful Life, while a woman stated that her favorite story is The Littlest Angel.

My favorites are:

The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffman

I also love a story called The Little Lost Angel that came out years and years ago, about a little angel who came to sing with the big angels to the shepherds, but then fell asleep and lost her way back to heaven. She wanders around earth doing various good deeds for people and eventually makes it back to heaven. It’s such a sweet story. I have the book.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (movie and novel).

A Charlie Brown Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Little Drummer Boy

Miracle on 34th Street

Finally, I love an old Twilight Zone story called “The Night of the Meek,” where an old drunk becomes the real Santa Claus. I wish they would show this on TV again, but I’m guessing it can be purchased in Twilight Zone compilations on DVD.

What are your favorites? :slight_smile:

My favorite story is “The Little Match Girl”, and also “The Selfish Giant”. Both appropriate for Christmas,

and favorite Operetta “Amahl and the Night Visitors” (sadly it is not on TV anymore)

The movie “A Christmas Story”. I once got a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas, but my parents said I’d shoot my eye out :smiley:

“Fred Claus” … most Santa themed movies … also Chevy Chase Christmas film(s) and similar family craziness. “Polar Express” with the train theme … I live in a train town. “White Christmas,” “Holiday Inn” … Bing Crosby films. I’ll watch more serious Christmas movies involving the poor, as they are recommended by the USCCB! … At least once … Also like “Guys and Dolls,” which focuses on the Salvation Army, off season.

This movie is awesome. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.

A lot of the ones already mentioned, but another one of my favs is Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. It has so many great little stories like Bert and Ernie selling their most prized possessions to give each other a Christmas present or Bob and the kids sing to Linda in sign language as a surprise and great songs like Keep Christmas with You and I Believe in Miracles. :smiley:

“A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote

“The Christmas Sweater” by Glenn Beck

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

“Stubby Pringle’s Christmas” (cannot recall the author’s name right now… I know it’s on another thread!)

All the Christmas stories from all the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Christmas Carol

christmas Story


It’s A Wonderful Life

Home Alone

'Twas the Night Before Christmas - the 1974 TV special about a mouse who doesn’t believe in Santa. It’s easily my favorite Christmas special.

A Christmas Story (I have that leg lamp actually.)
A Muppet Christmas Carol (The singing rocks!)
Charlie Brown Christmas (How can you not like Charlie Brown?)

Now, if we’re talking books, they’d have to be “The Littlest Angel”, “Josefina’s Surprise”, and A Donkey’s Tales.

Christmas Eve and Other Stories It’s a TSO album that has a story line throughout the songs. You can listen to it here.

the Christmas story from Little House on the Prairie (book not TV) when Mr. Edwards brings the Christmas presents to Laura and Mary

Two children’s books that I love are A Tiny Miracle by Richard M. Wainwright and A Very Kroll Christmas by Betty Paraskevas. A Tiny Miracle is about a very small Christmas tree, and how he learns that you don’t have to be the biggest and fanciest tree to have the most impact on Christmas. A Very Kroll Christmas follows the adventures of Jr. Kroll as he prepares to celebrate Christmas with is family. It’s very funny, and includes a Nativity pageant, Christmas shopping from the view of a small child, and dealing with all sorts of crazy relatives that visit during the holidays. I’d recommend any of Mr. Wainwright’s books. They are all amazing, and all hold very good messages for adults and children.

And, of course, I love “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry! :thumbsup:

I completely forgot that my all time favorite Christmas movie is ‘The Bishops Wife’. Cary Grant playing an angel, perfection.
Oh, and another really beautiful and inspirational movie (and I know I will mispell this) Joyouex Noel.

Cannot BELIEVE I forgot about this one! :doh2:

one of the few modern makeover movies that IMO is successful is the Preacher’s Wife, Denzel Washington rocks as an angel, even better than Cary (hard to believe, I know). I also actually prefer the newer version of Miracle on 34th St. in spite of the hazy theology of the climax of the court scene. That is the best movie Santa ever.

taping Prancer on AMC this week, that little girl is the cutest, not in the least “hollywood”.

Remember this? Boy. Cat. Tragedy. Tears. Hope.

Seriously?! I love denzel, but come on, no actor can ever hold a candle to the great Cary Grant. And this is coming from a 25 year old.

‘Elf’ starring Will Ferrell is very cute.

My daughters grew up with this story (we have the book). My oldest daughter took it to kindergarten and the teacher chose to read it to the class. Everyone was crying, including the teacher.

I wish they would show the movie on network TV again.

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