Your favorite *orthodox* OFS/Franciscan blog

I can’t seem to find any that are both orthodox and active.:frowning:

I am looking for something similar to what the Oblates do HERE.

Thanks so much.:slight_smile:

Last I checked, there were no Franciscans in the orthodox church.:shrug:

Interesting news. I wrote orthodox, not Orthodox, though. Punctuation really does matter :smiley:

Are you looking for an active orthodox blog or an active orthodox community?

I don’t understand the reference to Benedicine Oblates or their website given the title of the thread re Franciscans.


Maybe you should start one. Blogger is pretty straightforward to set up. You can even invite others to write there. Or not.

I personally thought about blogging, but every time I try I get to bored with it or to busy and it goes the wayside. Most of the religious blog sites I monitor aren’t necessarily Franciscan. I monitor the Archdiocese of Washington DC blog a lot. One of the editors there use to be priest at my last parish and is an excellent speaker/writer. I also go to the news feed on the EWTN site several times a day.

I do go to sites listed on the Franciscan Spirituality social group from time to time to see if anything changes. Most of them, except for the Conventual Franciscan commentary on the readings stay pretty constant. I listen to those commentaries when I can.

On the topic of monitoring blogs, I just went to the Archdiocese of DC’s page and they have the homily from the Mass for the March for Life at the Verizon Center.

The person giving the homily is Msgr. Charles Pope. He is now a pastor of his own parish but I was blessed to have him at my old parish for around 2 years.

Check out the posting for Jan. 24. You can either read it or listen to the recording. I know it isn’t Franciscan but it is very faithful to church teaching. I highly suggest listening to it above reading it if you can.

I posted the Benedictine one as an example.

Again I mean orthodox (faithful to the Magisterium), not Orthodox. :wink:

Sorry, I was being a little sarcastic…:rolleyes:

(Sticky) Orthodox Orders REMINDER

My apologies:o

To be clear, I am just asking for a blog that is faithful to the Magisterium. So many are not :frowning:

I was looking around a Franciscan site and found this blog:

I think it is the same Franciscan Conventual priest that does the daily reflections on the readings. I have seen him live at the Shrine of St. Anthony and he is an excellent speaker. Very busy, speaking engagements around the world.

They also have a once a week Franciscan podcast.

You could always start your own but I would make sure that your community is OK with it.

I don’t think anyone would read me:o

Father Charles at


Thanks so very much:thumbsup:


The reflection “Theological Re-Flection” is absolutely brilliant!

Thanks again, Evelyn!

Do read his archives if you have a chance. He has an interesting conversion story and past experiences.


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