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In honor of upcoming All Saints day, I am curious, who is your favorite Saint? Why?
How has that Saint helped you, inspired you? Can you share any answered prayer requests due to their intercession? What about their life or writings have helped you? thanks for sharing, I hope this will be an inspirational and encouraging thread.

One of my favorite Saints is St. Anne, the mother of Mary. My parish while I was a teenager growing up was in honor of St. Anne. I said many novenas in honor of St. Anne as a result, and received graces every time. In my adult life I developed a love for the novena when I went through some difficulties with forgiveness. The prayers often remind me that we always need to pray for forgiveness of our sins.

I remembering saying a novena to receive a scholarship to attend college and it came through on the 9th day of the novena
I remember praying for a job once I returned from college and ended up receiving calls for job offerings in the latter days of the novena.
I prayed for healing of a relationship that was severely severed and every day, bit by bit things would improve.

St. Pancratius is my favorite - he’s actually my patron saint. I chose him because he was an extremely brave, courageous, and charitable youth. He was an expert in wrestling - being able to take down 17 yr olds while he was only 14 - at least according to tradition, as I can’t find much material to cite on him at the moment.

Do I have to pick just one?

Off the top of my head:

Saint Jerome - one of the first and perhaps the greatest of Biblical scholars, and a great saint despite his temperamental shortcomings (which I share to no small extent!) :smiley:

Saint Augustine and Saint Monica - the two are inseparable in my mind.

Saint John Bosco - comes of going to a Salesian school, I guess.

Saint Francis of Assisi - without him, we wouldn’t have Brother JR over here. :smiley:

And Saint Bernadette. :slight_smile:

St. Ignatius of Antioch. The story of his martyrdom in the Colosseum in Rome captivated me, when I was looking into Christianity 9 years ago.

St. Joan of Arc and St. Cecilia are both very dear to me. Another one of my favorite Saints is St. Kateri Tekakwitha who I can officially call a saint now!!

I’m almost ashamed to say that I don’t have one single favorite, and my wife and I were careful to name all our children after Saints specifically for spiritual intercession and over-site.

St Anthony is one of my regular go to’s because I lose things and then there’s St Monica’s intercession on behalf of my prodigal sons…hummmm.:rolleyes:

Thank you for this timely, thought provoking and possibly very beneficial topic. I’ll sleep over it, meditate and hopefully decide on a favorite Saint by All Saints Day.

St. Lawrence!

Mr. Jokey Joke-maker.

Well, I’ve always felt that I could relate a lot to St. Benedict Joseph Labre. We’re both timid, very submissive, and God fearing people, who have a few screws loose; and have awesome trench coats. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also aspire to be a strong prayer warrior and pilgrim, like he was. :shrug:

St. Ann, as she is my Patron Saint.

St. Anthony (because I lose them and call on him alot!)

St Jude (hopeless) & St Rita (impossible)

I have a special love for St. Thomas More. He was truly an exemplar of greatness and holiness in so many areas of life - as a husband, father, friend, student, lawyer, scholar, humorist, public servant and of course, martyr. One contemporary called him “the person of the greatest virtue these islands * have ever produced”. This may seem hyperbolic but it was an assessment shared by many observers.

Two things about him are particularly touching to me. 1) His distinctive sense of humor - it was observed that he would speak with apparent seriousness when joking, but wryly and with humor when speaking about serious things, to the extent that less-perceptive individuals often were not sure when he was joking. I can’t explain why this appeals to me so much, maybe because I am a bit like that myself.

  1. His great love for his daughter Margaret - Meg as he called her, who was quite intelligent, whom he took pains to educate in spite of contemporary prejudice against the education of women, being repaid by the recognition which she received for her scholarship. When the sleeping sickness was plaguing London, Meg was at one point near death - her father later said that if she had died, he would have withdrawn from life; a remarkable statement for a man with so many talents and accomplishments.

There are several excellent biographies of More available for those who would like to learn more about this remarkable man. Oddly enough the best ones are by non-Catholics - *Thomas More *by R. W. Chambers and *The Life of Thomas More *by Peter Ackroyd. If you would like one written by a Catholic, *The Field is Won by E. E. Reynolds is supposed to be good, although I find it a bit dry and have not been able to get very far with it. There is also A Daughter’s Love: Thomas More and His Dearest Meg by John Guy - the title speaks for itself.

St. Therese of Liseux and St. Michael.

St. Theses because of her incredible faith and how she sacrificed for others. St. Michael because he was a Warrior!

I have always been intrigued by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

A few years ago, I had been angry at God. Really angry. We basically were not on speaking terms really. Or at least I was not speaking to Him anymore, with the exception of an occasional sarcastic remark. Remarks that should have brought lightning bolts down on my head. :o

What I got was a lightning bolt of a different sort: **Saint Damien of Molokai. **

I was angry about a lot of things. A horrible childhood that grew into a horrible adolescence. Failed relationships. Major health issues. Major financial issues. Things I felt I did not always deserve. I prayed to God but always felt ignored.

One day, I was bored and thought I would watch a movie called Molokai: the Father Damien Story. I watched it because one of my favorite actors was in it, not because I wanted to know anything about some guy named Damien. I watched it twice that day. The story of the priest intrigued me and I wanted to know more. So, I bought a book about Father Damien. And another…and another…until I knew his whole life story. And what an incredible story it was.

This missionary priest took care of thousands of patients suffering of leprosy at the colony on Molokai. They were all banished there by law, never having contact with family or friends ever again. They had not enough food, or clothing, or housing to sustain them all. In fact, there was no law in the colony. It was each man for himself. Damien gave his life for these people. He left his home country and never went back. He fought for their rights constantly. He got them more supplies. He built their houses, churches, and 2 childrens orphanages with his own hands. He dressed their contagious open sores and took care of the physical needs of the sick without fear of contracting the disease. He took that lawless community and made it a place to live rather than a just a place to die. He served those people equally, without regard to race, gender, or religion. And he did it, for the most part, alone.

He prayed for years to have nuns to assist him in the pitiful colony hospital, where even no doctor was willing to stay. He worked 18 hours a day, constantly begging his bishop and praying to God for help. Not too many were willing to go to Molokai for fear of contagion. Damien finally contracted leprosy himself in his 12th year in the colony. Even with his crippling disease, he worked relentlessly. He was terrified that no one would take care of his flock after he died. He prayed and prayed.

He suffered greatly with leprosy on his last 4 years on Molokai. When he was on his deathbed, his prayers were finally answered. Mother Marianne Cope was bringing 3 nuns with her to take over the care of the patients. She stayed there over 30 years herself. She is now Saint Marianne.

So…I look at my problems now. Failed relationships? Damien never had a relationship with anyone but God. He live chaste and died chaste. And I will now do the same. Financial difficulties? Yeah, I have them. But I lack nothing really. I have a flat screen TV…a computer…plenty in the fridge. Damien did not even have a bed to sleep on. He ate very little. For 7 months he ate nothing but poi, because thats all there was. Health problems? Yes, I have those too. But when I look at pictures Saint Damien’s battered, disfigured face, my problems seem much smaller. He had painful, open sores all over his body. He could barely walk from one place to another without falling, due to barely being able to feel his own feet. I have got NO problems compared to what this man went through.

Saint Damien brought me back to church, to a new relationship with God, and he changed the way I think about prayer and about my own health. He was the holiest man I have ever heard about, and his prayers were not always answered. He was not spared from illness. How could I feel like I should always be answered?

So, on All Saints Day, I will be celebrating this saint that has changed my life in so many ways.

What an inspiring story, thanks for sharing that. Having read several books on Father Damien, is there one in particular you would recommend?

St Joeseph - Terror of Demons - foster father to Jesus - died in arms of Mary & Jesus (Legon has it), and so much more.

St Terese Liseaux - little flower - St of “Do Nothing” - motherless & a daddy’s girl (early age ), and so much more.

St Veronica - A saint who is mystical

St Cosmos - thanks for the great teeth :smiley:

St Lucy or Lucia who ever is stalking me (as the name keeps popping up everywhere)

St Felicity - easy childbirth ---- two bags of IV drip pain relief, three epidermals, and a c-section ---- Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine givIng birth without help — ouch!

St Danielle - prophesy

Out Lady of Faima - Yes, I will pray for the conversion of sinners with joy!

Saint Bernadette Soubirous. I had drifted away from my faith in my high school years until my early thirties. I watched the movie “The Song of Bernadette” and was moved by it. Then I picked up the book Saint Bernadette Soubirous by Abbe Francois Trochu and that finished me off! She’s a Sweetheart! :smiley:

That’s a great testimony. I’m sure Father Damien must be smiling down at you from Heaven as he reads this. :thumbsup:

St Damien, ora pro nobis!

They are all great, but one of my favorites is called : Leper Priest of Molokai: the Father Damien Story …written by Richard Stewart. That one was really good.

Be sure to watch the movie, too. It was done beautifully. You can even watch it on youtube, there are 12 parts to it.

And, please feel free to join my Saint Damien group…I post a lot of facts and trivia on that as much as I can. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Glad you liked my story.

He intercedes for me so much, I feel like I have to shout his name from the mountain tops for All Saints Day. Its the very least I can do to thank him. :slight_smile:

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