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Basically, by beginning each day in prayer asking for the grace for him (Brother Lawrence) to remain in God’s presence and then by keeping a running dialogue with the Lord throughout the day as he went about his work.

In the book (through various letters to people) Brother Lawrence shares his tips for remaining in the Presence of the Lord.

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My preferred spirituality is the Syriac expansion on the tradition of the Desert Fathers. It’s very much a “God or nothing” spirituality, rooted in a love so radical that it’s willing to cast everything aside in pursuit of the Beloved. It’s also very liturgical. And, let’s be honest, the Desert Fathers are at the foundation of every spirituality the Church (whether Catholic or Orthodox) has to offer.

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I see so many similarities here to what I like and do! I think I’m quite eclectic though, I mean that when I focus on some saints and their ways towards the union with God, I pick what works best for me, but not all. I guess that since according to what the Church people like priests and apologists say (I don’t remember who, but I guess many) - the differences between individual souls are even greater than between bodies. So each and everyone can have a slightly different spirituality, and as Mother Angelica, said, different degree of Holiness (which I understand as being perfect but in different ways like flowers are different, big and small etc or like vessels are different sizes but are filled to the brim with God in Heaven).
So, for me, most of my spiritual life is fashioned after the above mentioned Carmelites - st. Therese of Avilla, st Therese of Lisieux. I love the Little Way. @Michael16 - google it up, there’s plenty of sites and I strongly recommend her book - The Story of a Soul.

I also liked the exercises of st Ignatius, but somehow it’s more like a handbook for discerning, which is useful, or lots of practical advice, more than a way of life in my case.
I like St Benedict ora et labora - yet is is more like the mentioned Opus Dei - which I know very little about - but based on what sb wrote here - offering one’s whole day every single day to God.

Last but not least, Brother Lawrence and the practice of the Presence of God, I love it, and reread just last month. This time when I read it I had the feeling that I read one sentence on the pages over and over again “focus on God and reject everything that turns you aways from Him” (btw, innocent pleasure don’t, conversations with people don’t etc).

But the foundation for all my spiritual life is easily Saint Alphonsus di Liguori and his writings. And afer all, he often cited from other saints, Church Fathers, Desert Fathers and so on. I owe him the most in my journey. Him, and of course God, who leads all of us Home.


1- It’s all about Jesus
2- Keep it simple

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Vincentian and Dominican for me.

I love the beauty of his first rule for the Daughters of Charity and the simplicity of St. Vincent de Paul’s spirituality of being Christ to the poor and finding Christ in the poor. Such a beautiful service-oriented spirituality. I am a bit cautious about modern Vincentian groups, though. Many are a bit more political than I am comfortable with.

Dominican because I’m bookish and I love the rosary. I am also naturally drawn to preaching and living out my faith in community. Also, I was educated by Dominicans, so I’m sure that plays no small part in my attraction to the spirituality.

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