Your favorite sports moments

I can’t explain why these are my favorite. But I remember them quite clearly:

And No, I am not a Cubs or Marlins fan, but I remember that game quite well.

I love those because I hate the Cubs more than any other team.

My Astros haven’t had much success lately, but in 2005 they were NL champs. They won an 18 inning game against the Braves in the 1st round on a walkoff HR (see link). I couldn’t find the video of the last out against the Cards that put them into the WS

1973 Belmont Stakes


Golden Goal First 30 seconds are all that’s necessary, Canada demonstrates its Hockey Superiority over America:D:p Sorry couldn’t resist;)

mine are when Garrett Hartly kicked the game winning field goal to send the saints to the superbowl, and when they did that onsides kick at the superbowl

Toronto Maple Leafs 1967 Stanley Cup Champs

I can’t wait for the next one!!!

Each race Michael Phelps won in Beijing.

Toronto, that may take a while;)

The Derek Jeter relay to home was pretty cool.

The Jays bringing the MLB championship to Canada.

When the Aggies won the Big XII championship against Kansas. I can still hear Dave South yelling “He got a touchdown. He got a touchdown. He got a touchdown.”

Anthony Carter’s reception and TD to win the Michigan - Indiana game in 1979. It’s widely considered one of the greatest moments in UM football history and it’s my favorite becasue I was there. :smiley:

Bob Ufer’s calling of the play is also classic.

Some of my fav aussie sporting moments from my lifetime:

My fav Australian Rules Football AFL matches of all time:
1990 Grand Final, Won by Collingwood Football Club against Essendon - Because I’m a Pies fan and I was 6 years old and the victory celebrations lasted for weeks. Too bad we havn’t won one since.

1999 - Carlton beats Essendon by 1 point in the preliminary final. I hate Carlton and essendon, but this game was an absolute classic and the closest in my lifetime.

1996 - Kieran Perkins smashes the world record in the final of the 1500m freestyle at the '96 Atlanta olympics… I was soo proud as he nearly lapped everyone else in the field! It was later eclipsed by the next moment classic olympics moment in my list. No one expected him to give one of the great swims of all time, as he qualified last!

2000 - Sydney Games, Cathy Freeman finally wins Gold in the 100m women’s sprint with a classic run in a classic green and gold full body suit with a classic call by commentator Bruce Mcavany. She also lighted the cauldron in a well kept secret about who was going to be the “mystery” final torch relay runner. It was a great time for us aussies, and she done us proud twice in our own Olympics!

And for good measure here is the Worst Sporting moment in australian sport history:

Who Dat!!! I was born in Opelousas, La

Bilodeau wins Canada’s first Olympic gold medal on home soil. :thumbsup:

The Saints’ win over the vikings.

I was on my knees with a rosary in one hand and a beer in the other praying that Hartley would make the field goal. And I like to believe that it was the deal that I made with God to stop drinking and go to daily mass more often that helped that ball travel so perfectly.

My favorite moment in sports is when my daughter’s Junior synchronized skating team, the Chicago Jazz, won the National Championship for the first time (2001) in Colorado Springs.

Here’s the youtube link:

You probably won’t be able to pick my daughter out. It’s “synchronized skating.” Unison is the hallmark of the sport.

This program would never win today, BTW, because the new figure skating judging system has changed the way skating programs are choreographed. But this, IMO, is one of the finest synchro programs ever done. Everyone in the rink, ALL the teams and their entourages, gave Chicago Jazz a standing ovation that day.

The team went on to win two more National championships, many international medals, and a World Bronze medal, one of the few American synchro teams to win any World medals.

My other favorite moment in sports is when Paul Wylie, the longest long shot, won the Silver medal in Men’s Figure Skating in the Albertville Olympics in 1992. We could hear people cheering around the world. He’s such a great guy and a great Christian, too.

I have lots - and my St. Louis biases show through loud and clear :slight_smile:

Kurt Warner throwing a TD to Isaac Bruce in the 1999 Super Bowl followed by Mike “the Tackle” Jones stopping the Tenn Titan player on the 1 yard line as time expired are pretty cool.

Lots of Cardinal moments - hard to pick one. But probably Ozzie Smith’s homerun in the 1985 playoffs. It’s less about the homerun but more about Jack Buck’s greatest call in my opinion “Go crazy folks, go crazy!!!”


Watching Kerri Strug land a gold-medal winning vault at the '96 summer Olympics in Atlanta… on a sprained ankle.

my answer

[Boston Red Sox logo]

the Yankees are horrlble :banghead:

my favorite cardinal moment:

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