Your Favorite TV Doctor

They have been a TV staple from the beginning and are found in every TV genre. Some to start you thinking: “Bones” McCoy, Richard, Kimble, Dougie Howser, Michaela Quinn, Ben Casey, Wayne Fiscus, Marcus Welby, Gregory House, Cliff Huxtable, Julius Hibbert (the Simpsons), Trapper John McIntyre, Hawkeye Pierce, Mark Craig, Donald Westphal, Meredith Grey, Jame Kildare. The list goes on and on and on.

Your Favorite TV Doctor? Your Least Favorite? Comments?

My favorite–it has to be House.

Favorite Doctor Show: St. Elsewhere

Least favorite–Dougie Howser (who would really go to him?!)

J.D. from Scrubs.

Well, at the risk of sounding trite (but truly not meaning to), my favorite TV Doctor will always and forever be Dr Who :slight_smile:


Broken down by specialty:

Trauma: BJ Hunnicut, Hawkeye Pierce
Doctor Yet to be Born: Bones McCoy “I’m a Doctor, not a bricklayer.”, EMH from Voyager
Coroner/Medical Examiner: Donald “Ducky” Mallard, Sid (CSI:NY)
In another Galaxy: Carson Beckett
Psychiatrist: Sydney Freedman ( MAS*H)
From Across the Pond: Stuart Lafferty (Inspector Lynley Mysteries)

Can’t stand anymore: House

Well, that’s all for now.

I agree with the OP, House is my favourite. I haven’t watched him in quite a while because he is on so late but I love that show!

Can’t go past Dr Doug Ross from ER (the gorgeous George Clooney) - could spend all day just sitting and looking at him.

Dr. Greene, from ER. To me he is everything a doctor should be, and totally adorkable!

Tied in second place would be Dr. “Rocket” Romano from ER and Dr. House from House, because they are both a blast to watch on camera. And also because despite gruff exteriors, they both do have good hearts that they use in their proffessions.

Dr. Julia Hoffman from Dark Shadows

She was awesome, one of the first women doctors on television (1968).

The character was supposed to be Dr. JULIAN Hoffman, a man. But Grayson Hall’s husband, Sam Hall, was one of the writers, and he asked if the character could be a woman (Julia) instead of a man.

He was given the go-ahead, and from this beginning came one of the most wondrous romance plots in all of television history–the woman doctor and the vampire.

One of the major reasons that I am in my profession (laboratory science) is because of Dr. Hoffman. I loved the way she played with blood and test tubes! Now I do it for a living!

I would also say Doctor Who, but the post above reminded me that Dr. Julia Hoffman is a close second.

I’ll break this down the same way Pacbox did.

War-time doctor: Hawkeye Pierce (MASH*)

Sci-fi docs: Simon Tam (Firefly & Serenity), Julian Bashir (Star Trek DS9), Carson Beckett (Stargate Atlantis)

Doctor I like to watch but probably would hate to have as my physician: Gregory House (House)

:amen: :yup: :yup: :yup: The Doctor is by far the best!!! :thumbsup:

Who? (I had no idea there were so many, uh, Whovians or whatever the term is here)

Other than that, I’ve been kinda TV-deprived all my life, but the few episodes of MASH I’ve seen have me casting a vote for those guys, and since I know House is played by Hugh Laurie I’m favorably inclined without having seen any of it.

And, of course, Drs. Farnsworth and Zoidberg!

Totally agree with you on the Zoidberg :thumbsup:

What was with the long awaited ‘new series’ of Futurama that was only five episodes or so? Are messrs Groening and co going to do any more?

I know the first new one, Bender’s Big Score, is out – it’s quite good (and about an hour long, I think). Don’t know the schedule for the follow-ups.

Hands down, that sexy Dr. Gregory House. He can come to my sick bed anyday.

His greatest work, by far. It’s a brilliant show. :slight_smile:

I could look at Hugh Laurie all day. I hope the show starts again soon.


I have to really disagree on this one. The best TV shrink is the one who treats Adrian Monk.


Although aetheist, he is frequently proven wrong and yet still stubbornly sticks to his “religion is illogical” ideals.

The character still kills me though. :smiley:

That’s fine. No clue as to who this is since I’ve never really watched Monk. But hey, we need more suggestions for TV shrinks.

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