Your Favorite TV Doctor

Dr. Beverly Crusher (ST-NG). I’d have high blood pressure every time she checked it :stuck_out_tongue:


You left out one of the best—Doc Adams on Gunsmoke

Back in the day, I had crushes on Dr. Steven Kiley played by James Brolin (Marcus Welby, M.D.) and Dr. Joe Gannon played by Chad Everett (Medical Center). I thought both were just too cute.

Yes, I guess some think me a bit old, since I’m sure some of the younger posters are thinking “Who?” . :shrug: :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: .

Just some more names I’m throwing out:

Notable TV shrinks (psychiatrists and psychologists):

Sidney Freedman, MASH 4077, Uijeongbu, ROK (MASH)
Frasier Crane and Niles Crane, private practice, Seattle, WA (Frasier)
Lilith Sternin, Boston, MA (Cheers)
Bob Hartley, private practice, Chicago, IL (The Bob Newhart Show)
Maj Alfred Bellows, USAF, Cocoa Beach, FL (I Dream of Jeannie)
Jennifer Melfi and Elliot Kupferberg, New Jersey (The Sopranos)
Charles Kroger and Neven Bell, San Francisco, CA (Monk)
Craig “Huff” Huffstodt, Los Angeles, CA (Huff)
George Huang, Elizabeth Olivet, Emil Skoda, New York, NY (Law & Order franchise)
Marvin Monroe, Springfield, USA (The Simpsons)
Otto Scratchansniff, Warner Bros Studios, Burbank, CA (Animaniacs)
Howard Stiles, Boston, MA (Crossing Jordan)
Deanna Troi, USS Enterprise, UFP (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Zachary Smith, somewhere “out there” (Lost in Space)
Lucy van Pelt (Peanuts)

Notable TV coroners and medical examiners

Steve Wojeck, Toronto, ON (Wojeck)
R. Quincy and Sam Fujiyama, Los Angeles, CA (Quincy, ME)
Dominic Da Vinci, Vancouver, BC (Da Vinci’s Inquest)
Jordan Cavanaugh and Garret Macy, Boston, MA (Crossing Jordan)
Al Robbins, Las Vegas, NV (CSI)
Alexx Woods, Miami, FL (CSI: Miami)
Sheldon Hawkes, Sid Hammerback, Peyton Driscoll (CSI: New York)
“Ducky” Mallard, NCIS Major Case Response Team, Washington, DC (NCIS)

Notable TV dentists

Ben Harper, Chiswick, West London, UK (My Family)
Tim Whatley, New York, NY (Seinfeld)
Jerry Robinson, Chicago, IL *(The Bob Newhart Show)

Favourite in each specialty:

  • Dentistry: Jerry Robinson (Bob Newhart Show). Seemingly competent. The other two are a misanthrope and a pervert. If we could extend it to movies, I’d pick the “Painless Pole” from the 4077.

  • Medical examiner: No opinion, really, since I’d be dead and beyond caring. OTOH, Jordan Cavanaugh is cute, but Alexx Woods seems the most compassionate.

  • Psychiatry/psychology: Sidney Freedman seems to be a good bet. To me, Niles Crane, although personally a bag of neuroses himself, within his professional sphere is extremely successful and exudes an air of quiet confident competence. Emil Skoda (L&O) is a very kick-in-the-pants type of doctor, as a contrast to his “softer” (for ant of a better word) colleagues. However, I really like Howard Stiles’ (Crossing Jordan) approach, it’s so out of left field. OTOH, if you’re not covered by OHIP, Lucy van Pelt has the best rates.

As for other doctors…House is obviously the best diagnostician, but I think he’s too much of an amoral misanthropic curmudgeon. I think he does what he does because he likes puzzles and he likes being right, not because of any caritas – or even bonhomie. If I had some odd disease, I could only hope that:
*]he’d find it interesting enough to treat
*]he wouldn’t hurt/harm me too much trying to figure out what’s going on, or just doing things for kicks
*]he’d figure it out pre-mortem

As for GPs, there’s always Dr Shapiro (All in the Family). To have the Bunkers as patients, he must have the patience of a saint and the endurance of a martyr.

As a little girl I loved Ben Casey much more than Dr. Kildare. Why, I have no idea; perhaps Kildare looked too much like a boy and Casey looked like a man. I know I tried hyperventilating at Mass one day hoping they’d take me to the hospital and I’d have someone like Ben Casey treat me.

Of course, with my luck I’d have been treated by my parents’ favorite doctor, Doc Potter, a man with a bedside manner worse than House’s.

If you wanted ‘patient confidentiality’ you didn’t go to Dr. Potter’s office for treatment because everyone would know what you had. Overheard on various visits:

Lady, what did you hit that kid with? No, don’t give me that BS, he didn’t fall, you HIT him!

Jack, what the heck have you been sc****ng now?! That’s one nasty infection.

Once I started nursing at the local hospital they had me, the newbie, ask him the questions that would infuriate him, like “Which surgeon would you like to refer that patient to for his circumcision?” That one earned me a dirty look and “Is there ANY reason I can’t do it?” “Er, no Doctor, not if that’s your wish. (aside: but if I was having that done I wouldn’t want you wielding the scalpel.)” Several years later, a botched circ ended his career.

Between the two of us, with you mentioning Dr. Casey and Dr. Kildare and me mentioning Dr. Kiley and Dr. Gannon, I’m pretty sure we really have the younger folks around here asking “Who???” For you folks who don’t know, Casey/Kildare, were characters of early 1960s television (I think). I remember watching Kiley/Gannon in the early, maybe mid 70s. Could have run in the late 60s too. I know some of the characters mentioned (Hawkeye Pierce, for example) are of the same vintage, early 70s and beyond, but their shows can be seen in reruns quite readily, so they may not be unknowns to younger people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Marcus Welby, M.D.” or “Medical Center” in syndication, though.

I just thought of another character from another show I liked, but he isn’t exactly a doctor. I liked Randolph Mantooth, as paramedic John Gage on “Emergency” too.

But Dr. Brackett was quite likeable on that show. As was Dr. Early but he was much older.

Dr. Kildare & Ben Casey ran from 61-66
Marcus Welby, MD & Medical Center ran from 69-76 is your best friend when questions of this type arise. :slight_smile:

You’re right! I forgot the docs (and nurse Dixie too) at the hospital in that show, but they were good too!

Thanks, I think I’m going to take a more complete trip down memory lane now by consulting :slight_smile:

My first thought was J.D… When I saw the OP, I thought Dr. Hibbert was a good choice. But after seeing Mirdath’s post, I will have to go with Zoidberg.

The second one, The Beast With a Billion Backs came out in July, but I haven’t seen it yet. I think another one is due out before Christmas with the fourth one due out in the spring. Each of the four direct-to-DVD movies is about an hour and a half long, and they will be spliced up in order to come up with a 16 episode season that will be on Comedy Central.

Anyone remember Ramar of the Jungle in which Dr. Thomas Reynolds is a medical researcher in Africa? It was one of my childhood favorites.

the one that immediately comes to my head is Nurse Joy.

Oh boy, you just jogged a VERY deeply suppressed memory with that one.

Mine is a bit tangential since it’s not a medical doctor - but there was a TV series in the 60s called Daktari, set in Africa as well. It was set on a game preserve, but the main character did have a doctorate of some kind.

Oh, I remember that one very well. Watched it all the time. Doc was a veterinarian. The theme is available on iMesh.

If we’re talking vets I’d have to say James Herriot, but I don’t believe he ever did have a doctorate (it was always 'Mr ‘Erriot’ if I remember rightly)

How about Doc Baker from Little House on the Prairie?.

Surgeons in the United Kingdom are addressed as Mr, Mrs or Miss, not Doctor, and Veterinary surgeons in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland have adopted the same practice.

But not in the US.

Note: Doctor Bob.

On a side note, don’t forget Dr Teeth and Dr Strangepork.

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