Your Favorite TV Doctor

Dr. Dana Scully.

to be a bit more specific Tom Baker as THE Doctor

Okay, I need a lot more comedy these days, so Scrubs is the only doctor show I’ve been watching without getting sick of it (have Seasons 1 - 6 on DVD). However, while J.D. is good, I always get a kick out of Dr. Cox (his rants crack me up every time, and the way he appears to be human at times). My favorite episode with him and the boys was when he and Turk were telling JD about parenthood and Dr. Cox admitted that he’s taken his son to the Wiggles twice. He and Turk started talking about the Wiggles and Turk asked something along the lines of “did they sing Big Red Car” and Dr. Cox said “twice, and it was awesome!” As a parent, I was practically rolling around on the floor with this exchange.

I love Dr Cox - and Dr Kelso too, he’s normally so horrible but there was that one episode where he was writing music about a mystery woman who turned out to be his wife :heart:

Dr. Who–Peter Davidson

How many remember Dr. Alex Stone? AKA Carl Betz, the husband of Donna Reed in her Donna Reed show.

Dr. Kildare :love:

I don’t remember whether it was him or Richard Greene (Robin Hood) who was my first “crush”…

Man, I gotta quit staying up all night!


Anyone mention Dr Jack Shepperd from Lost yet? He’s a really great doctor, and pretty easy on the eyes as well.

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