Your favorite TWILIGHT ZONE episode is

Which is your favorite episode?

I know there are many great ones, but try to name a favorite.:slight_smile:

Mine is “The Howling Man” Where these holy men trap the devil in the basement.

What’s yours?:slight_smile:

my favorite is:

"People Are Alike All Over"

Where a man crash lands his spaceship on Mars and finds martians that look exactly like humans. The Martians go out of their way to make him at ease, giving him a place to live that is just like his home on earth to make him comfortable during his “stay”. But the house has no way out, no windows or doors that open, which makes the man uneasy.

Then, a wall slides up and the martians unveil the mans home, and he finds it surrounded by bars with a sign just outside it: “Earth Creature in his native habitat

The man finds himself a caged exhibit in a Martian zoo

My favorite, hands down, is “Time Enough At Last,” with Burgess Meredith as the sole survivor of a nuclear war who figures he finally has enough time to read all the books he’s wanted to read. I won’t give away the rest in case there’s actually anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Yeah, i just now realised I gave away my episode! Sorry folks! Watch it anyway, its great!! :thumbsup:

cool, no prob A.:slight_smile:

This is my favorite series of all time :stuck_out_tongue: To pick a single episode is incredibly difficult.

That said, given the current climate, I believe that “The Obsolete Man” is the most relevant. It deals with what happens when the government rejects morality and God, and the strength of individuals who stand against such a government.

As for absolute favorites, probably “A Nice Place to Visit”, “A Stop at Willoughby”, and “One for the Angels” Each of these episodes present a different take on death and what happens afterwards.

The Masks” is also a classic focusing on human nature.

This is one of my favorite episodes, as well! Thanks for posting, I couldn’t remember Burgess Meredith’s name!

One of my favorites is “The Eye of the Beholder”. It deals with the scourge of prejudice and intolerance for other’s differences.

I’d love to see the old episodes again. I don’t remember seeing reruns on my cable guide. Does anyone know if they are being shown?

Yesterday something happened in the office and I told my office manager she had entered the Twilight Zone and started to do do do do, do do do do around the office.

“It’s not fair…it’s just not fair”. :frowning:

My favorite episode as well. His wife was absolutely terrible to him!!!

Following are links to a few older threads you might be interested in reading. At least I enjoyed reading them and remembering the episodes discussed. :slight_smile:

There are a few other discussions on the “Twilight Zone” here at CAF, but the ones below have the most replies and discussion, so have more to read and then fondly recall episodes.

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Sci-Fi shows them late at night sometimes, and they always do a new years day marathon of them. There is also a complete box set for sale. I believe Hulu+ and Netflix have them as well.

I really like this one! Poor Mr. Bemis!

My favorite Twilight Zone episode is the one with Billy Mumy from Lost in Space. It was called “It’s a Good Life”. He plays a little boy named Anthony with special powers. Anthony has the whole town doing his bidding because if they don’t, Anthony “puts them in the cornfield” where horrible things happen.
My kids and I would joke about this. Whenever we’d see some little kid acting up, we’d say, “Yes Anthony, of course, anything you say Anthony. Don’t put me in the cornfield…”

My favorite episode is THE SHELTER. These small town people are having a party with friends and neighbors when suddenly over the radio comes an announcement that the a-bombs are coming. The family has a bomb shelter in the basement and everyone knows it. The ending is great.

My favorite is the airliner that has a ape like creature on the outside wings that only one passenger can witness.

My fav episode is “Nightmare at 20,000 feet” with William Shatner. :thumbsup:

I love when Sci-Fi has a TZ marathon, usually at New Year’s.

I love that one too. I’ve seen it several times and I’m always moved by it, especially the ending - even when it is no longer a surprise. It has a good score by Bernard Herrmann, which part of my fondness for it - Herrmann is my favorite composer of TV and movie scores.

But I think my all-time favorite is “In His Image”. This comes from Season 4 when the show went to a one-hour format. I understand that most of the hour-long shows were not very good, but this one ranks among the very best. Here’s the summary:

“Alan Talbot meets and falls in love with Jessica Connelly, and they take a trip to his hometown in Coeurville, New York. But when they arrive, none of his relatives are there and he finds out that the university he works for no longer exists somehow. It is then that he begins to learn his true identity…”

At the beginning of the episode you tend to think “here we go again” because this seems like an over-used plot device for this show… but this one pays off.

That one is a classic. Shatner was in another episode called “Nick of Time” which I think is also very good, although it’s not as well known. Shatner plays a man who is highly superstitious and he is traveling with his newlywed wife. They stop at a diner where the tables have little fortune telling machines for amusement - you ask it a question, insert a coin and out pops a card with something written on it. Shatner, of course, becomes obsessed with the thing and believes that it is really answering his questions. Needless to say his wife is not happy about this and starts to wonder if she married a lunatic. It is all handled really well and the ending is quite satisfying.

Shatner was a really gifted actor when he was young. If you don’t believe me watch the movie called “The Intruder”. Shatner plays the kind of role you wouldn’t expect for him and he is really good. I think the success of Star Trek actually ruined him. It is painful to see him on TV today and see how he has declined.

That’s a very good episode. Truthfully, for all the flak they got, I actually like a lot of the hour-format episodes. Season four also has “In His Image,” which deals with racism and prejudice, “The 20,000 fathom Grave,” which deals with guilt, “Valley of Shadows,” which is a study in human nature, “Of Late I Think of Cliffordville,” (Consequences for an immoral life), “Passage on the Lady-Anne,” (loving your wife :p), and many, many other good episodes.

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