Your favourite Gospel/Worship songs on youtube

Hi folks,

if you have any link to your favourite Gospel/worship song(s) on youtube, put it here :thumbsup:

Here’s something for starters:

Lincoln Brewster - Everlasting God

Lincoln Brewster - Love the Lord

For me, life is a wonderful song with a lovely melody and the lyrics on it is my life. Just like the music of Kim Clement, I can hear Gods words through the soothing sounds that gave me the inner peace that I wanted. I can say he is a modern Prophet. Check on this site: , and be captured by its melody of life.

I don’t know if these count:

Mary Mary, "God In Me"

Britt Nicole, "The Lost Get Found"

I would like to share to you the prophetic gift of Kim Clement, his music has drawn a broad audience from different walks of life; his path through life continues to be an exciting adventure of

I like “How Beautiful” by Annie Karto:

I also like the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song:


Its very pleasing to the heart hearing smooth melodies from Kim Clement. A very calm and pure music that inspires me and gave soulful mind. I might say he is a modern Prophet. Check this site: Kim Clement , and let the music begin.

I listen to Dies Irae once a week.

Okay, okay, okay. I get it. Is this a record label flak? (No need to be shy about it: just don’t forget about CMJ and Pitchfork Media.) With all due respect, your comments are beginning to sound like something I’d see on the CD liner notes or press release.

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