Your favourite lollies,candy,sweeties


What are your favourite Lollies,Sweets,Candy or sweet treats by what ever other name(not including desserts :wink: )
After many years of trying all sorts I think mine is still Licorice :slight_smile: It will be the first I pick off the shelf,but it has to be
sweet and hard enough while I read an exciting book…
:candy: :lollipop::chocolate_bar: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :candy::candy:


Twix bars
Giardelli chocolate square.

That’s what I keep in my super-sekrit stash of stress chocolate


You took the bait,yay! Do you call chocolate sweets or candy?Is candy an umbrella name for everything yummy ,sweet and desirable?


Usually in the US it’s called candy, but some people say sweets.


Jelly beans. The old fashioned big kind, not the tiny 465,719 flavor kind.


Sour cherries.

Wintergreen mints

Cadburry Dark Chocolate Mini-Eggs

Good dark chocolate



Most Sundays I like to settle down with a book in the afternoon with a pot of tea. I get a treat to go with it. Usually a scone or cookie. I buy them at the store - if I make them I have/eat two dozen of them, so it is much more prudent and practical to buy just one at a time. For awhile I was splurging - cream cheese on the scone (orange/currant/oat variations). Sliced the scone and stuck it (gingerly) in the toaster for 20 seconds or so - it was so good. Chocolate chip cookies are one of my standbys; they just never disappoint. I have taken a liking to Russian tea cake cookies. Ground nuts in the cookie, powdered sugar outside. Never made them so not sure what all is there. But they are divine with Earl Grey or Darjeeling. Ironically I got these Mexican wedding cookies as they were tagged at Whole Foods; same exact thing. Ground nuts in them with powdered sugar on the outside. That recipe gets around.


Milky Way

The small version of Reeses.

And a good old fashioned Hershey bar


I like the Whitman’s boxes of chocolates.

Too bad I’ve gone keto until New Year… :smile:


I like to eat different kinds of candies.

Yes @Greenfields, here in the U.S. we use the word candy to describe all candies, from chocolates, to lollipops, to licorice.

I like Hershey’s chocolates, Lindt chocolate and Ghirardeli chocolate too, for chocolates.

For other candies, I like hard candies. I like Life Savers and Jolly Ranchers and Dum-Dums lollipops, too. I still really love them, and never outgrew them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also like the Werther’s Hard Toffee candies, too. Those taste so nice and buttery.


Snickers bar, chunky bar, also I could easily polish off a box of Russell Stover’s dark chocolate assortments.


Sis just made a huge batch of double chocolate brownies. Yum.


Yum to all of these :slight_smile: I’m still searching out the perfect lolly,the problem is taste buds change…which isn’t really a problem because you need to keep testing !
Every Christmas we try and have real Turkish made Turkish delight…I love rose water favouring.
Another favourite in my family are Rhubarb and custard boiled lollies !


Dark Chocolate Mars bars were my fav until they disappeared.
The Walmart stores up here sell a 1lb, 70% cocoa, chocolate bar. Belgium i think is the brand/origin.If i stretch it i can make one last a bit over a week.
Another is a bowl of vanilla ice cream drenched in hersey chocolate syrup.


Chocolate covered cherries.


The big turk is my go to chocolate bar. Chocolate covered, and flavored, sugar gell.


They sound good:) Cherries are cheap here this Christmas for once,do you make your own?


I know how to make them, and strawberries too.

But my favorite are the Queen Anne box.


Twix, right or left, it doesn’t matter.

But really, any caramel is delicious. Let’s face it, the twix cookie is just a vehicle for the caramel. :smirk:

I am going to date myself, but does anyone else remember Fannie Farmer caramels? They were the best! Nothing compares to them!

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