Your greatest song of all time?

I have many, but here is two…

‘‘I’ll be loving yooou always’’

Ave Maria

“The Leader of the Band” by Dan Fogelberg

Nella Fantasia by Chloe Agnew

I wasn’t going to post because I thought there was no way I could remember all the great songs. But I clicked on your links and when the Boxer played, I realized that for me, Simon and Garfunkel will always be first. I used to play their songs over and over again. I like your second link, too.
I was brought back in time during a homily last night. The priest talked about a song I hadn’t heard in a long time - “In the Ghetto”.

Amazing Grace.

Everybody loves it and it doesn’t have to be sung at religious events to be appreciated. It’s appreciation is universal.

The “Tsuki No Waltz” is one of my all-time greats, surreal and beautiful:

Here’s “The Christians and the Pagans” by Dar Williams, which I find very sweet.

Obviously, this one has a special meaning for me, as well as being a hauntingly beatiful 5 part fugue:crying:

As a born and bred Minnesotan I have to vote for The Viking Kittens. :wink:

Yeah, it’s even used by the KKK!! :eek:

It really is a great song and the story behind it is great, too. It is reverent and a prayer of thanksgiving for being shown Truth, and it is a tear-jerker when sung or played (especially with bagpipes) at funerals. It’s one of my favorite hymns.

I do wish the KKK wouldn’t use it and I don’t understand why they do - it goes against everything the KKK stands for. Weird. Bizarre. Strange.

But then, it’s the KKK. What they do really makes no sense at all. :shrug:

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My reaction to Simon and Garfunkels The Boxer :

Although I love The Boxer and other Simon and Garfunkel songs, I can’t forget these hymns:

Pange Lingua

Psalm 139 as it was sung at Vespers at the National Shrine during the Pope’s U.S. visit.

This is so weird. I started to make a small list of my favorite songs and one of the categories was “Latin Hymns” and my favorite is Pange Lingua, sung via Gregorian Chant. I checked the link and that is the one I love. Thank you for providing the link.

I especially love it because it contains Tantum Ergo.

It is so beautiful. Gregorian Chant is beautiful and unfortunately seemed to disappear after Vatican 2. I do miss hearing it.


no seriously, Pange Lingua all verses and settings
Ave Verum Corpus
Panis Angelicus
all settings of the Ave Maria, Gounod is my favorite
Ode to Joy
Waters of Life

favorite secular song, City of New Orleans, or just about any train song like Wabash Canonball

“Feelings!” LOL!!!

My favorite “just fer singing” song is “Battle of New Orleans.”

“In 1814 we took a little trip,
along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip…”

“City of New Orleans” is great too!! I’d forgotten about that one. That’s great for singing, too, as long as it’s Arlo’s version, not John Denver’s (ugh). In fact, I’ve decided that for me the best “singing song” is a tie between “Battle of New Orleans” and “City of New Orleans.”

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Here is the original and this is the Reverend Al at a recent get together at the Apollo Theatre on Japanese TV.


2 LEGIT 2 QUIT by MC Hammer

Favorite secular song: “Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass

Favorite non-secular song: “O Holy Night”

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