Your guardian angel and other peoples guardian angels


i know that we can pray to our own holy guardian angel to ask them to pray and intercede to god on our behalf…i also know that we can pray to another persons guardian angel when we are worried about that person, but what im puzzled abput is how do i send my guatdian angel to someone, or do i ask my guardian angel to tell that persons guardian angel …sorry if its confusing


I have done both of these things, I have even sometimes asked my angel and the other person’s angel to work together (sometimes I get Mary and St. Michael the Archangel in on it too, I like a team approach!). I think whatever way the Holy Spirit prompts you to pray is good. There’s no one right or wrong way, as long as you do it for the love of God and your neighbor.

How wonderful that you care enough for others to remember to pray for them in this way!


Padre pio used to say that instead of writing letters to him send messages through their guardian angels. It was the first instant messaging system of the past century. He had a DEEP contact with his guardian angel. Even he punished sometimes his guardian angel. you should research a bit on him if you are interested on “having a good relationship” with your guardian angel. Any way I told mine to help you.

God bless you!



I forget who, but I remember one saint said he would have his angel meet another person’s angel before he would go to a meeting with said person.


Hi “Joy” :wave:

I am sole caregiver to my 87 year old mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. We have no other relatives or involved family. It is an extreme worry for me… when each night, I must try to get some sleep myself.

I’m constantly afraid… that my mother will need me during the night, and I won’t hear her… or something.

So… each night, before I go to sleep myself… I say a prayer and I ask my Guardian Angel to assist his brother Angel (Mothers Guardian Angel) with her needs… according to God’s Will.

Just ask your Guardian Angel… in your own words. I would suggest adding “according to God’s Will”. Because our Angels always do God’s Will.

I don’t know if this answers your question or not. But I hope it helps. God bless.


Pray this prayer to either your Guardian Angel or to someone else’s Guardian Angel through Jesus (never pray directly to an angel or saint, always through Jesus):

Angel of God, my Guardian Dear,
To whom God’s love commits me here.
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

The Pope’s Guardian Angel is Saint Michael if you want to pray for him.


i have 5 books on padre pio…and they do mention his close relationship with padre pio…if somebody needed to contact him he used to tell them rather than see him in person or write a letter to “send him their guardian angel” with whatever message…i thought that was amazing!!

but if padre pio sent his guardian angel to somebody else with a message how would they actually get the message cos obviously you would have to be blessed by god to be able to hear and see the guardian angel…otherwise the angel could be stood doing the macarena in front of you and you wouldnt even know!! so how did people receive messages padre pio sent to them via guardian angel?


Hahaha, I had to ask the priest for Daily Mass’ guardian angel this morning to wake him up because he overslept! :slight_smile:



[quote="jeanne71350, post:8, topic:153669"]
Hahaha, I had to ask the priest for Daily Mass' guardian angel this morning to wake him up because he overslept! :)



Did it work???

My guardian angel woke me up once when I asked him. I wanted to get up for Mass and was too sleepy to get out of bed and set the alarm when I realized I had forgotten to set it. So I asked my guardian angel to wake me up at 6am for Mass. I was jolted out of my sleep by the neighborhood volunteer fire alarm at 6am on the DOT! So not only did my guardian angel wake me up, but he did so with an actual alarm!!


Yeah he came a little after that, and I was able to attend all of Mass, still make it to school with time to eat breakfast and all, so it was all good! :slight_smile:



[quote="jeanne71350, post:10, topic:153669"]
Yeah he came a little after that, and I was able to attend all of Mass, still make it to school with time to eat breakfast and all, so it was all good! :)



It's amazing how God can give us the time we need when we need it for Him. :)


wow!:bigyikes: bet that was waaaaay louder than an average alarm clock:rotfl: god was making sure that the guardian angel woke you up:bowdown2:


that will be great,that I can talkto my angel, tell him to take care of me. Angel is a spirit so he knows lots of thing taht I want to know. We are spirit and body, so we can not have knowledge as only spirit.


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