Your Hour-by-Hour Guide to Following Obsessively on Election Day


Just 596 days after Senator Ted Cruz kicked off the 2016 presidential race by announcing his candidacy, Election Day is here. Between working (efforts to make this a national holiday have failed), taking care of children (many schools are closed today), walking the dog (Hillary Clinton has two, Donald Trump none) and voting (don’t forget!), you might find yourself texting and surfing and flipping through cable news channels in search of clues to who’s winning. Here, an hour-by-hour guide for what to look for. All times are Eastern Standard Time, which is only fitting, with two New Yorkers vying to move to Washington D.C.

12 am

Voting is already over in Dixville Notch, the New Hampshire hamlet that delivered a 5-5 tie in the 2012 race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This time, Clinton received four votes, Trump two and Gary Johnson one, with a write-in vote for Mitt Romney, AP reported. Election Day has, finally, arrived…



I was voter number 3 in my district. 6AM and the line was long and extending outside the door.


In my precinct there is usually one line. Today there were two. Not terribly crowded, but moderately so.

My wife and I met on an election night many years ago, so it is an “anniversary” for us. So we’ll be watching the returns as we do every year. Hope it turns out well.


What a silly poll…a poll like this on a social network site like CAF is like going into a steakhouse and asking if the customers would rather have a rib eye or tofu!:smiley:


Of course it won’t. Either way, a good percentage of our country is going to feel disenfranchised and distrustful of the new POTUS. A recipe for disaster.


In 2012, they posted positive rosy early results for Romney, then pulled the rug out later in the process. I predict they’ll do the same for Trump.


My Voting precinct Uses paper ballots. My paper ballot was number 652. When I place my ballot into the votinh machine it registered as Voting number 144. Can anybody explain the difference in the two numbers?


If the pro-abortion, anti-Catholic Clinton is defeated, that’s “turning out well”, to the extent it can turn out well.

But I agree it won’t be a smooth thing, either way. If Trump wins, there will likely be riots and possibly more shooting of police. The liberal media and the Dems will encourage violence. If Clinton wins, nearly half the population will be totally disaffected from the government and be as passively resistant to government measures as they can manage. And they’ll expect their legislators to be passively resistant as well.


People act as if an election is like the Super Bowl or some other sports title. But elections make a difference and can affect lives for years if not decades. I rally do believe that if Clinton is elected she will be the last President of the USA as we know it today. Almost 50% of the country will not have voted for her for good reasons.

She is not going to represent those people of this country. Those people believe in individual liberty and individual responsibility. Clinton firmly believes an extremely strong central government. Those two beliefs can not coexist! To have a strong central government the citizens of the country have to sacrifice both of those two beliefs.

The Constitution as written does not allow for a strong central government. It was written with the intention of preventing a strong central government. It’s only government twisting the words of the Constitution and their abuse of power by doing this the government has created a central government. It’s now leaning towards an elected dictator.

Back to My Point That Clinton Will Be the Last President Of the United States. That She Can Be Prevented from Causing Any Damage of Congress Stays in the GOP Control. Even That May Not Prevent Clinton Thirst for Power. Over the past Eight Years The GOP Congress Has Pretty Much Given and Everything Obama Will Desired. With Her Ability to Select Supreme Court Justices She Can Pretty Much Create An Environment In Which The President Has Supreme Authority. Because of That The Last Remaining Thing That Exist Is a Convention of the States In Which the States Ban Together And Remove Presidential Power. I for One Believe in a Fourth Check and Balance This Would Give the States the Right To Supersede Any Laws Created by the Federal Congress, Any Executive Order Signed by the President, And Overturn Supreme Court Rulings.

But What I Suspect Will Happen Will Be There Will Be a Constitutional Amendment Allowing the States To Peaceably Leave the Union.

Here Is Facts, We Are a 50/50 nation. Many People Believe It’s Time for a Divorce. Folks In Big Cities Think Very Differently Than Folks out and rural America. I Doubt You Can Find Many Big Cities That Vote Conservatively. And in Small Town America I Doubt You Can Find Many of Them That Vote Liberal.

But Each One of Them Need to Be Properly Represent In Government. And the Truth Is That’s a Divided Government And It Doesn’t Work. One of Those Two Are Going to Win the Other One Is Going to Lose. And the Group That Loses Will Not Be Happy With the Outcome. So What Is the Option We Don’t Need a Revolution That Just Not the Way We Americans Work, But We Do Have the Ability to Say Goodbye. And to Do so Legally. That’s Why I Believe The States Will Finally Ban Together Amend the Constitution That Gives Them the Right To Leave the Union Peaceably.


Bill won in 92 with 43% of the vote.

People taught the country would go to ruins if either guy won in 2004 or 2008 or 2012, but the country is still here.


Were the paper ballots pre-printed? If so, the poll workers either didn’t start with the packet marked one or the packets were distributed across multiple sites and there was only one packet in you city with each number.

You would have done better to count how many people had voted at your precinct and compared that to the 144. That is assuming there was only one machine doing the counting. If there was more than one Voting machine, the count you saw probably wouldn’t have matched either.


That’s a pretty simplistic picture you paint there- of rioting, violent liberals on one hand and disaffected, law abiding conservatives on the other.

Very black hat and white hat.


Unfortunately some people do order tofu at a steakhouse.:frowning:


Were you #144 to vote in your precinct?


I didn’t want to vote for Trump but I feel like Trump is the best option. I don’t agree with him on some things and I strongly disagree with his statements on several issues but I feel like he is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton. I also cannot vote for an independent party candidate because I personally feel like that would be wasting my vote since they have virtually no chance of winning. I haven’t gone to the polls yet but I am going to do so after while.




There’s already a huge line and an overflowing parking lot at my polling place, the likes of which I haven’t seen in years. I voted by mail already, as I always do, but clearly the controversies surrounding this election are rousing many of us here from what appeared to be apathy is previous elections. It will be interesting to see the turnout numbers.


Especially since Trump repeatedly has incited violence at his rallies. Very reminiscent of George Wallace 1968.



Is it over yet? ;):o


Progressives won’t permit a divorce. Progressives know that an agnostic hedonistic one-world govt. is the only path forward toward world peace. Agnosticism will remove the religious divisions and violence and hedonism will make sex casual for birth control and abortion to stop world overpopulation. It’s a No-God solution. On the other hand, Trump tapped into the psyche of the pro-family religious deplorables who want to return America to romantic Mayberry minus the racism, bigotry, spousal abuse, and alcoholism of that period, which would Make America Great Again, but this doesn’t create peace through agnosticism and population control through birth control and abortion, so progressives see no successful final solution there. If you divide America peacefully, the conservatives will outpopulate the liberals over time until there’s another conservative majority and the cycle begins all over again. They see it as deplorable to act in the name of a God for which there is no scientific proof of existence because that will lead to division, war, population growth where we run out of resources, and no final solution. They believe we’re not smart enough to choose progressive thinking for ourselves, so it must be thrust upon us. As painful as it is to admit, I’d rather have a return to romantic innocence for our kids, the end of bigotry and racism, and formal population control than this slow godless descent into individual selfishness.

Hopefully that explains the current Frustration.

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