Your Invitatory Psalm?


A question for those of us who pray The Divine Office. We are given a choice of four Psalms to be used as the daily Invitatory Psalm: 24, 67, 95, and 100.

Psalm 95 tends to be the default, as that is the Psalm Saint Benidict wanted his followers to recite every morning.

I’ve tried all four Psalms, and I have settled down to Psalm 100 as the one I want to recite every morning. :thumbsup:

Actually, I wouldn’t mind shouting it out every morning, but the neighbors would complain.

So I recite Psalm 100 in a mild voice, and only the cats hear me. The cats probably think I am in the process of adoration of THEM.:rolleyes:

So which of the 4 Psalms do you prefer as your daily Invitatory?


I prefer Psalm 95. Maybe it’s just because I have it memorized and it’s one less page to flip! ha I just like the way it sounds, really. It sets the tone for my day…


I’ll be honest that I didn’t know there was more than one choice. The instructions in my book say Psalm 95 so that’s the only one I’ve done.


I use Psalm 67 since that’s the one cited in the Rule of Benedict (see chapters 12 and 13). Actually the Rule says Psalm 66 but our numbering makes it 67.


What book might that be? I use The Divine Office for DODOS*

*Devout, Obedient Disciples of Our Savior

by Madeline Pecora Nugent


I use Psalm 67 since that’s the one cited in the Rule of Benedict (see chapters 12 and 13). Actually the Rule says Psalm 66 but our numbering makes it 67.

**Ps 66/67 was originally the gathering psalm for Lauds–so sleepyheads would NOT have to make a prostration in the choir for being late.

Forthe same reason St. Benedict ordered Psalm 3 the gathering Psalm for Matins/Vigils (though oddly enough, it’s the first of the Six Psalms of Matins in the Byzantine liturgy).**


I rotate them; equal time for each.


I always use Psalm 95. It’s the one I’ve memorized, I’ve never bothered hunting down the others. Just lazy, I guess. But it works for me.


I like Psalm 95 best, but if time is limited, I’ll save a few seconds by saying Psalm 100.



Come then let us bow down in worship
Bending the knee before the Lord Our maker…


Benedict had a good understanding of human nature. :slight_smile:


Psalm 95. Anytime I have ever thought about reciting say Psalm 24 (or 100, or whatever) instead, it turns out that Psalm 24 (or 100, or whatever) is read during one of that particular day’s hours, and since I used it as the Invitatory, I wind up reading Psalm 95 in its place in the hours! The good part about using the One Year Liturgy is that there is no day in which Psalm 95 is used for one of the hours. . .so it is ALWAYS safe to use for the invitatory.


Like another poster I rotate the invitatory psalms. If my invititatory psalm happens to be one of the psalms to be said at either Lauds or Vespers I say 95 instead.

I use the one volume brievary which doesn’t have Matins but has everything else. Mine came with two loose four page leaflets, did yours? I won’t explain them if everyone has them. :slight_smile:

I learned to say the Liturgy of the Hours from The Divine Office For Dodos. It is a great book.


I always use 95 because I like it so much and have it memorized.


95 and 100. I think I’ve used the other two 10 or fewer times each.
I had gotten in the habit of using 100 to save a few seconds in MP because I had to get to work. Now, having purchased the Liber Hymnarius, I find myself chanting 95 in Latin more and more, and just “making time” for it by hurrying more getting dressed, etc.


I’m using the Daughters of St. Paul version.

I looked through it again last night and in the very front there are some other directions I had not seen that noted the options. The instruction section in the Ordinary only lists 95 and that is the one they have printed there so it is the only one I’ve used.

I’m relatively new to this as I had always avoided the LOTH since I never much cared for psalms. On our recent pilgrimage to Assisi though we did morning and evening prayer together daily and I came to like it, though I still don’t really feel like I’m “praying” it as much as “reading” it. It varies by day though.

I’ll have to try the other options a few times and see how that works out. I looked at 100 this morning and liked it.



Well, yes, but the point is that if you use some other psalm besides 95 for the invitatory, you substitute 95 when you come across your invitatory psalm in the LOTH.

In the case of Psalm 100, that would be during Morning Prayer, Friday, weeks 1 and 3. That is when I recite psalm 95 in place of psalm 100.

Now try explaining to a non-catholic why this is so important:D


I used 100 this morning and found I do actually like it better. Not as excited about the other two but I will give them a try and see if they “grow” on me. :wink:


95, I memorized it


Look at the instruction* following Psalm 95 in the Ordinary.

In private recitation I tend to vary the Invitatory Psalm with the season. I use Psalm 95 during Ordinary Time and during Lent. Psalm 24 has an Advent/Christmas flavor for me. Psalm 100 during Easter. I rarely, if ever use Psalm 67 for the Invitatory. :twocents:

(* I’d call it a rubric, except it is printed in black, not red)


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