Your LEAST favorite movies... time for a little levity I think


Things are getting a little heavy around here today. Time for a little fun.

We have all seen and loved the “Your favorite movie” threads… but what about your LEAST favorite movies, ones you just could not stand.

Some movies I absolutely hated…

The Blair Witch Project: about as scary as a staph infection.
Bad Santa: bad, just bad

And… for you OLD movie fans… TROG! starring Joan Crawford Trog should have just never happened.


Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones

You can usually map out the whole plot just by the first 15 minutes.


I don’t like the saw movies since too many people die in it. Final Destination and all its sequels are annoying too…


As much as I love horror games, I hate horror movies. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one that I like. Does an entire movie genre count?


Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Loud, vulgar and Americanised. The original tale, by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, is melancholy and beautiful, with a somewhat unhappy ending that will haunt you after reading it. The Disney film was a hideous travesty of this masterpiece.


Most Disney is like that. Americans excel at ruining things…


There are plenty of movies that aren’t to my taste. But among movies that others are ga-ga over:

I lost interest in the Harry Potter series before they finished the original books (I’d only finished the 7 books for the sake of inertia). I don’t think I’ve seen a full movie, front to back since The Goblet of Fire. I know I have no interest in any of the follow-up books nor movies.

My Geek Seekrit Shame: I cannot watch any of the Lord of the Rings movies (nor read the books) – They have always put my to sleep :sleeping: in short order. (But I know enough plot to get the jokes)


I like some of the newer things Disney has done, but those princess movies and such drive me nuts.


“The Princess Bride” - cloying and annoying and over-rated…“The Sound of Music” - so much sweetness you might need an insulin shot (sorry, I know millions love it).


LOL, there was one with Ed Asner and it was the same old, lost son makes it home Christmas day during a snow storm, and the sappy music playing ever ten minutes where some wrong of the past was magically rectified.


They’re all pseudo copies of each other anyway. I can’t stand movies like that.


Owwwwch! You wound me sir!!! :wink:


I rarely go to ‘the movies’ and was so excited about the new Blade Runner movie. My dh went with me, and the fact that he sat there for the 2+ hours and hated every moment made me hate it as well. (I should have gone by myself.)

There have been others but right now this is what comes to mind…


I couldn’t stand the movie “Wanted”. It was so absurd to me that I laughed through the whole thing! I just couldn’t take it seriously. I also (much to my hsuband’s dismay) can’t stand “Snatch” or “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.”


Last Jedi



In that vein, anything with Texas Walker Ranger in it. Talk about bad acting.


I have tried to watch this and can never get past the first quarter hour or so. I have a real aversion to hip, smart-alecky versions of fairy tales.


Dumb and Dumber. Ugh.


Well, to be fair, it delivers on its title! :wink:


I will admit to undying love for LOTR, both books and films, but I can understand just how you feel. A friend of mine recommended that I read Gormenghast and, try as I might, I could never get past the first few chapters. We can’t like everything!

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