Your Nativity scene

Perhaps i will do mine different this year. How do you set yours up?

Thank you

Maybe just finally not have the wise men on Christmas day.

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Some people i know bring in loads of pine on a long table and cover a fake cave with moss. The shepards are below. Angels are floating with fishing string.Im thining of doing this on a smaller scale really intense.

Now i have a lladro i put on a table and my blessed one under the tree with the train going around it and my light up houses. (Itold the kids it was bethlehem.)

Im so bad. Ugh then i see my friend piling pine and acual dirt on a 6 foot table with shoe boxes and differet heights and it made me feel so bad. I have 3 theme trees in my house. And all i do is this for Nativity.

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Im googling nacimeñto in Guatemala.

I wish I could see your Nativity Scene, Ana! It seems awesome and interesting :smiley:

We have a very little Nativity Scene here. It has never been used for many years and your thread inspired me to paint and enhance its look. We’re putting some candles behind and colorful Christmas cards. Here we go to the Advent Season! I’m very excited for Christmas and New Year :grin:

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Thank you Eugene Charles i want the focus on Jesus not the trees.cee5df11f8c421fd3a8ae3fb4e05c67b


Mine will be very different. I had a lady from Church do me one on Plastic Canvas and it came out BEAUTIFUL. Normally I have our breakable ones that I set out but this year I think I will just put this plastic Canvas one out and it will look great. I’ll try to remember to share pics here when I set it up.


Please do Cajun joy. Im sure they are spectacular!

As long as the meaning of Christmas prevails. At my house it was the trees. Ugh.

This is so adorable and cozy, Ana! I can feel the real meaning of Christmas. To be honest, this is one of the most beautiful Nativity Scene that I saw throughout my life!

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You are so very nice.
I too want the meaning to come through this year.

Your sister in Christ

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That is beautiful!

My folks purchased one with plaster figures that were air-brushed, and Daddy made the little wooden stable and used yellow confetti “straw” from our Easter baskets for the straw in the manger and the floor of the stable. We had to be creative, as money was tight.

Here is a pic of how I had it set up last Christmas (2019). I’ve added a lot to it over the years, to create an entire environment.


One of ourThanksgiving traditions is to putup the tree. But my son us dating soneone from central america.

She will show us. As well as how to do podasda

So lovely.

This year i want mine worthy of la posadas, aas we will be participants!!!¡¡¡¡

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