Your Opinion? How Many Have Read the Entire Bible?


I’m curious… In your opinion…

Of the 7 Billion people in the world…What percentage have read the entire Bible?

Of the 1 Billion Catholics, what percentage have read the entire Bible?




I have never read it all the way through. Whole books, but not the whole Bible. My grandma did, many times in her life, I have her Bible now and its falling apart.


Frankly, I doubt that any JW has read the Complete Catholic or Orthodox Bible all the way through.


I’ve read the entire New Testament, but just cannot get through the Old Testament.



The question doesn’t have anything to do with JW’s or which translation. I’m simply curious about what percentage of people have actually read the entire Bible. My guess is about 3-5%, but it’s really just a guess.

What is your opinion?


Several times.


I Have :slight_smile:


I have too.



My mom gave me a Bible for Xmas one year…I was 12 years old…it was a KJV by World, it had Bible readings for everyday to get through the Bible in a year…it took me 4 years to get through it…KVJ English is difficult for a young teen to understand.

After I joined the Society of Friends, I again began with the RSV…I read it through in about 2-3 years…I was 19 when I joined the Monthy Meeting-21 or 22 when I finished the second time through.

I am now 52 years old…and in the last decade or two, I’ve tried again…but just don’t seem to make it…I’ve read the NT numerous times…and large portions of the OT and Deuterocanical books.


I have no way of knowing how many have read the entire Bible, so for me to put forth a speculative percentage would be silly.

It seems to me, that relatively few people (of any group) read much at all anymore (excepting for entertainment), let alone something as weighty as Scripture.

For 14 years as a protestant preacher, I read the Bible through once each year. (Several translations) Of course, it only had 66 books in it and so was quite short. :rolleyes: But all that scripture reading lead me into the Catholic Church - so ended up being time well spent.:wink:

I’ve slowed down considerably these past several years now that I’m reading the longer, complete text.:smiley:


I think there will be some who like me, read as much as they can daily.

But, I would never presume to know how many do or dont.

Its sort of like making a prediction, and we ought not do that…it leads to trouble sometimes. Especially when its false.


Reading the bible is one thing; Studying it is another.

Who cares that Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of a whale??? But then, I never knew it was a sign of Jesus who suffered and died for three days. That’s why bible study is much better than just bible reading.

If I was to read the bible on my own, I don’t think I would have noticed the beauty of prophecies.

Thats why I love these forums so much. The contributers to these forums have taught me so much more than I ever learned in school or in Mass.

Thank You Catholic Answers Forums! And thank you to all the posters where ever you may be.

It is a blessing to be a part of this Web site.

Reading the bible? Sure, that’s a good thing. But logging onto these forums with all you intelligent and faithful people; Well, that’s even better!


I’m so curious about this, I’m thinking about conducting a poll of everyone I cross paths with.

In my experience…

My mother (No)
Father (No)
Sister (No)
Brothers (No)
Boss (No)
Workmates (No)
Majority of Acquaintance.(No)
Majority of Neighbors (No)

I believe that those who frequent religious discussion boards are far more prone to have read some of the Bible.

However, I’m thinking 95% of mankind living on the earth today has not read the Bible in its entirety.

Would you strongly disagree with me? Why?




Well, I know at my Catholic high school (I was in highschool back in the 1990s), all of us had to read through the entire Old Testament Freshman year and the entire New Testament Sophmore Year, in which we would also have to use our St. Jerome Concordance plus additional discussions in class as well as reading aloud every day a section of the Bible of our choice with discussion on that, plus quizzes each day. So, at least all of the students in that high school (rather large high school in a very Catholic area) read the Bible all the way through and I think many of us came out with some understanding and study of it rather than just reading it.


I doubt that it is even 5% that have read the entire Bible.

But I think there is a gray area. Many millions have HEARD most of the Bible read many times. Catholics hear huge amounts of Bible readings at Mass. Anyone who goes to Mass every day pretty much hears the entire Bible eventually.

The Bible isn’t material that lends itself to cover-to-cover reading. The story line jumps around. If one starts at “In the beginning” and tries working thru to Revelation, one is probably going to get bogged down in Leviticus, fall asleep, and forget the project. It really helps to understand the layout, read what is important first, and leave the less important details for later study.


I am reasonably certain I have read the entirety of the Catholic Bible.

I’ve read all of the NT in at least two translations.
Much of the old, as well.


I have, at least twice, in a couple of different translations (and yes, that includes the Apocrypha).


I’ve read it all the way through. I continue to read it daily — my wife and I read one chapter together each night. Scripture is food for your soul.


For quite a few years I would begin Genesis 1 on January 1st and read on till the end. I would usually finish in April or May. My eyesight is too bad for that now.


I’ve read the OT about 5 times, the NT about 10 times, and the Apocrypha once.

I’m bewildered with my opinion that 95% of mankind hasn’t read God’s Word even once.


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