Your opinion on a website



I was wondering about everyone here’s opinion on this website:

They’re Catholic, but I’m not totally sure if their doctrine is right. (Like, from what I say at least, saying Adam and Eve weren’t real people, and a doctrine that “God’s mercy trumps his justice every time”.)

I like the website, but I hope it’s all okay.



They are out of line with Church teaching based on the examples you’ve given. We believe Adam and Eve really existed. That part about God’s mercy trumping his Justice every time doesn’t sound quite right. I’d have to do some research but that sounds like presumption to me.

It didn’t take much digging to find another problematic item on the site. Here’s one:

Q: To worship God, do I have to go to church or can I do it at home alone?
A: You can (and should) worship Him anywhere and everywhere. We worship God by doing His will, which is helping others: feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. That is the worship God wants, not mere words.

It is, however, nice to visit God in His house on Sunday. He does appreciate the effort.

Excuse me? It’s “nice” to visit God and He appreciates it? Like we are the ones doing God a favor by condescending to show up? :eek: These folks have it all backwards. . .

I would avoid that site. Here’s one along the same lines as that site, but this one is actually loyal to the Church and Magisterium:


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