Your opinion on this article as a Christian


What do you think of this article?
It’s een written by a friend of mine who’s a Charismatic Pentecostal pastor. I found it very interesting and was wondering what others here might think of it.


But what is important? Is it the way of baptism or the essence of baptism? The way of baptism may be different, but the essence of baptism is the love of Jesus Christ? Is love more important than the way of baptism?

God does not look at which church you belonged to in order to enter heaven. No! We are saved by grace and not by deeds. The only thing that will be checked is whether our name is written in the book of life in accordance to the Book of Revelation. Moreover, God will judge every one’s act based upon what he/she had done and not based on which denomination he or she belonged to while on earth.

It becomes dangerous the moment we impose our ways of worship to other believers. It is even more destructive when we begin to believe that our way and style of worship is the only way; and what others do do not count

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It is only dangerous when we decide that our ways are preferable to Christ’s ways. He told us He came to establish His Church. He told that Church that anyone who rejects you rejects me and the One who sent me.


I’d say it is a good article for the audience it was written to.

Frequently those of a Pentecostal nature can become puffed up with pride with the whole tongues issue and need to be reminded that there are many ways that other Christians worship God. Not everyone will have the gift of tongues.

This article seems like a good reminder of that.


You know, in the actual early church speaking in tongues meant some other living human could understand you.

Just thought I’d mention that.

Otherwise, article seemed like a much-needed dose of common-sense. Theologically simplistic, but pamphlets tend to be.


What do I think?

I think the article is full of theological error.


I don’t think its meant to be theologicaly correct . Its his personal opinion. He wants up to look past all that and see the unity we have in our love of God. The cross does unite us and we need to be reminded of that sometimes.


A Pentacostal writing this is absoultely correct. it wold be wrong for them to try and impose a false religion on anyone and it would most certainly be wrong to think that their false religion was the only way to worship.

It would be wrong for a catholic to write such a thing, however,


Well, besides the fact that it is incorrect and opposes the Church’s teachings; it also contradicts itself and therefore I find it to be little more than garbage.

No! We are saved by grace and not by deeds.
Followed by this
Moreover, God will judge every one’s act based upon what he/she had done and not based on which denomination he or she belonged to while on earth.

So, is he saying that God will judge a man’s deeds or will the unbiblical doctrine of “faith alone” be the solution by which man gains salvation?


One has to look at the audience it was written by and to.

For the audience it was written to and by, it is a good article.

For correct theology from a Catholic point of view, it is not a good article.

But as a former Pentecostal, I can tell you the thrust of this article is to knock down false pride in BEING a tongue speaking pentecostal and thinking you are better than anyone else who doesn’t speak tongues.


My opinion would be that it is a view held by some Christian sects, and he will find many people that will simply love this article.

I read it and literally weep. I pray for Christians to come to the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church. He may have wonderful intentions, and be a wonderful person but he is not in the true Church. Pity.

He is using the scriptures to justify his viewpoints. Many non-Catholic sects don’t realize that the Catholic Church is biblical. He can spend all his days writing about his views and if they conflict with the Church, he is not spending his time wisely. It would be wonderful if he spent that time researching the Catholic faith, and then he may be using his skills to help more people come to the true Church.

Other than that, he seems like a nice fellow.


I used it to help me decipher some of the meaning in the tv-series “Lost” (because it has nothing to do with Jesus’ church)


It says…
This article is about respect and acceptance of believers in the Body of Christ. Let us begin with a very basic biblical verse: “Every one who believes and is baptized is saved” and “every one who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God will be saved”. I believe this is the very basic uniting point between Christians from various denominations and believes. We all believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior; He became flesh and lived among us. He bore our sins and infirmities upon Himself. He died on the Cross once and for all and paid the price for us by His death and through His resurrection, gave us new life and hope for eternal life and His Second Coming.”

The Bible says
Matthew 7:21
"Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

It’s not just then going through the motions of baptism that *saves *us. One has to have *right *faith.


I saw that too. But what do you think about the bigger picture, before dismissing it as garbage. The general message.
Like what seeker b wrote:

He said the same thing to me. :slight_smile:
There’s many resistance from Protestants too that he wrote this. Ironic!


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