Your opinion, please?


I was wondering if you’d send me a PM and tell me what your thoughts are of my local KoC website.

I’d like to know:
*]what we did well
*]what is not done well
*]what shouldn’t be there
*]what did we miss (isn’t there but it should be)


If I may I have seen very few council websites as well done as this one. While I am not a web designer I can only say keep up the good work.

Thank you for your comment.

Our old site was rather drab, and when we decided to re-vamp it, we decided to put some money into it.

Luckily, our web guy was agreeable to work for free fish fry dinners. The only monetary cost for our new site was just $30. Plus, he reduced our “hosting” from $350/year to $25/year!

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