Your opinions on the perception of male sexuality vs female sexuality and parenthood


I’ll be setting up a poll and I would like to see how people discuss this.

I want to know how you people think that male sexuality and fatherhood is perceived vs. female sexuality and motherhood. Do you think male sexuality is seen as evil vs female sexuality or vice versa? Whatever, give me your opinions, please.

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That’s kind of hard to say. The effect of having poor parenting from either a mother or a father show up later in life. The effect of good parenting on either end shows up later in life. When the kids go wrong, the blame on the parents can go either way, although it does seem to depend on the category of sin the child gets into.

I guess, though, as Bill Cosby pointed out, a father can coach his kid through thick and thin, and the kid gets into the end zone, and he mugs to the camera: HI, MOM!! Mothers get the opportunity for an attachment that shows up in the most oft-seen religious art in the world: the madonna and child. St. Joseph and the child Jesus just don’t carry the same primal punch.

Yes, dads never make up those nine months and the physical bonding. If we didn’t have that, we imagine we could have. I’m sure a social scientist or psychologist could go on and on, but moms have the edge in popularity, it comes from a profound place, and I don’t think that will change.


I didn't respond to your poll but I have an opinion. Fatherhood and men are trivialized by western society. Many polls show that the strongest influence for good in children actually comes from the influence of the father. We now have approximately half (more but not sure how many more percent) of families headed by a single woman with no male influence on children. We have tons of bitter young men and women in society who did not receive the nuturing and support needed to develop into well rounded individuals. Many girls today are not sure of their own worth, something a father can and should nurture in a young female child and boys are robbed of having a good and true role model of masculinity that is strong yet gentle and nurturing from a caring father. The breakdown of morality thru contraception, abortion, so-called sexual freedom (sexual slavery is more like it) has destroyed the family, the backbone of a healthy society. Fathers need to be recognized as the protector and defender of the family.


They are both demonised just differently, just think of abortion to see an example of motherhood been demonised.

Starting a family and been a parent is itself under attack I dont see it as a male v female thing, it is a prolife versus antilife issue.


This is my thinking too. I don’t see it as a men v. women thing, but a culture of life versus a culture of death.

Attitudes of parenting, the role of gender, and even the notion of gender itself in this world is becoming so horrifically degraded and convoluted, that I think the problem is far deeper than sexuality.


Both are very important but different. A boy needs his father. I have three teenage boys and I know that the discuss things with their dad that they don’t with me. They will often call him at work to talk. He goes to all their away games and that is very important to them. I can only go to home games because all 4 kids are in sports and I need to stay local.

We have one daughter and she is the princess. He treats her differently then the boys. I feel what is important is how he treats me. It will show her what to look for in a husband. There is never any yelling around the kids. And if we have a disagreement, we discuss it without the kids around.

There are too many young girls getting pregnant on purpose. No dad in the picture. It is sad. The child misses out on a relationship with a father and there is no financial support. And the temporary boyfriend can be abusive. I worry about my boys. There are always girls surrounding them. I don’t want my grandchild brought up by a single mom.

Boys and girls need there moms too :slight_smile: Many times my boys come to me with problems. Especially, to just have someone to listen. The boys are also very protective of me and their sister. They will make great husbands and fathers. My daughter and I have a different relationships then the boys. We play more and joke around. But she is younger :slight_smile:


I think male sexuality is demonised, but for good reason. We have altogether lost any sense of healthy male sexuality and replaced it with predatory, self gratification! I think it’s up to Catholic men to provide authentic witness for a healthy male sexuality, St. Joseph, pray for us all!


The world's culture hates life, so it doesn't matter what gender a person is, he or she will be attacked in different ways. No one escapes the hatred of Satan.


Women and Their Fathers: The Sexual and Romantic Impact of the First Man in Your Life

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know

Taken into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family

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The studies are quite clear on the developmental importance of a father. The psychology of a child needing a father to identify with is quite profound. Mothers are the primary bonders in infancy before the child identifies self. Fathers are an outsider, and the recognition of the father as capable of love is the first introduction a child has to the outside world. The rougher play of a father also has profound implications about adventure for sons and trust for daughters.

I have all these books in my personal library and they explain in greater depth what fathers do in the family and for the children. It also explains much of what is happening to our society with fathers being separated from their children.

I highly recommend the first book to any woman with trust issues, that picks the wrong men, that was abused, that grew up without a father, or that has sexual issues. It covers all those things and the various types of father-daughter relationships including the inadaquate or abusive fathers.


Wackiness! Just one more attempt at gender neutralization of our world.

'Mother' and 'Father' to Remain on Passport Forms
It was going to be changed to "Parent 1" and Parent 2"


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