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My question is for all sects of christianity, If Jesus pbuh got married and have kids what do you call his kids. God, Son Of God, or any other names. I heard from a person who told me that there is one lady who gave birth to some kid without male recently. Is that child is also Son Of God. Please explain or tell me if you knew about this child who born without father. Did some of you think or believes that jesus pbuh got married and mary pbuh have other kids beside jesus pbuh. This type of question insane me about jesus pbuh marriage and mary pbuh has other kids beside jesus pbuh which are not mentioned in Islam. Thanks For Answering Me Back In Advance:)

As a rule, I keep up with science stuff, and I have only heard of one virgin birth: Jesus.

Jesus never got married. His role was to save the world. He needed no wife. He taught, suffered, died on the cross, and rose again.

Paul tells us that those who have strong sexual urges should marry. Jesus, being without sin, was master of his physical being. He had no sinful urges. His love was for the Father and doing the Father’s work. He had no wife.

Was Muhammed married? If so, why? Was spreading the news of God not more important to him than a wife or two or 9?

Well, You did not answer my question all of it. Please tell about Mary pbuh, which I ask also.

If Muhammad (pbuh) could fly, would Islam be much more widespread?

Sorry, I missed that part. The Catholic Church has always held that Mary had no other children. There are a lot of reasons for this teaching, and it has been there since day one. Some non-Catholics see things in the Bible that say that Jesus had brothers and sisters, but it never says that they were younger or by the same mother. The word used could also mean cousin. I hate to say it, but there are a few that think that Mary was a sinner like everyone else.

It is one of the things that Catholics agree with the Koran on: Mary was a virgin before Jesus was born and after.

No Christian “sect” believes Jesus married and had kids. Have you been reading Dan Brown? He writes fiction. His books have nothing to do with Christian teaching.

Well, do not hide your views about Mary pbuh. If you think that she had other kids beside jesus pbuh than say so. Coz I heard from Christian friend or hear on CAF threads. I need to confirm.

Some Protestants teach the error that the Blessed Virgin had children other than Jesus. They are in error. The fullness of the faith is found only in the Catholic Church. All breakaway churches contain some error. One example is this belief by some Protestants that Jesus had siblings by His Mother.

Catholics do NOT believe this, 2000 years ago till now and later…

Do you think that Mary pbuh got arranged marriage by their parents with the person name joseph. And he help her from people bad thinking all which showed in movies. Do you believe that movies. Whereas, Quran said about her chastness from the mouth of jesus pbuh to her people in jesus pbuh cradle age. Do you believes on his cradle age miracle or with that person joseph which make role to prove Mary pbuh chastiness. Its confusing yeah. I do not believe movies of whole and its tricky.

Can someone please clarify what “pbuh” means? the first time I saw it I thought it was some kind of typo, but it keeps re-appearing. Thanks.

it means peace be upon him.


Grand-Son of God I guess! :stuck_out_tongue:

Has quite serious consequences for the Doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity!!!:wink:

So only Protestants believe your above quote or other christians sect which I knew since I came here i.e, Baptist, Angelican, Born Again, Penecost, Evangilican and I will skip Mormons that all I knew right now. So these have same thougts about Mary pbuh like Catholic do.

Well Jesus has siblings by His Father…all of us! :slight_smile:

Blessings and peace

Is this Pope John Paul 2 said or Is this in your Scriptures.:slight_smile:

Jesus died on the cross with MANY witnesses; so how can he have kids?

Was he married before he died ? likely, but I dought it.

Jesus was NOT the son as you are the son of “your father”.
Jesus has a different state of “being and connection” to his Father than you have. It is a different relationship all together.
His Father is Creator on a whole different plain than your momentarily thinking plain can comprehend.

Why do Muslims insist of comparing Jesus to themselves?

lord forbid they compare themselves to muhammad…:shrug:

To address the original question. I think Mary did have other children after Jesus. As to Jesus being married and having kids the Bible does not say specifically. It would have been in keeping with local tradition to have married and have children, but Jesus did not always follow tradition.

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