Your Own Stem Cells Work!” — Carron Morrow's Story


An article on Catholic Exchange…


First of all, PRAISE GOD that this woman has had healing, and remarkable healing at that.

But what I find disturbing is that usually the people who are for embryonic stem cells are the same ones that oppose pharmaceutical companies. The very same companies that will benefit financially from embryonic stem cells.


Now THIS is the kind of stem cell research the government should be funding. :thumbsup:


Studies have shown over and over that adult stem cells work and can be used to cure many things… embryonic has yet yo produce 1 cure… Congress has an agenda as do some of the researchers. Most of their agenda is anti-Catholic and pro-abortion. Some have even said that aborted fetuses would be ideal… makes mothers feel less guilty for killing if they know the cells could be used to help others…but they don’t!!!


I was very close to getting high dose chemo with autologus stem cell transplant using my own stem cells at UVA hospital. They farm and store your own cells , then hit you with intense chemo, killing everything , then replenish your blood supply with what was stored. The day I went to start the procedures my blood counts for cancer went negative and I was in remission on Oct. 31 2003. The Saints where watching over me. Dr. Maureen Ross at UVA headed the dept. Tim


That’s a fabulous story and thank you for sharing it.

Perhaps adult stem cells with even help cure multiple sclerosis someday. If a cure was offered tomorrow, using fetal stem cells, I’d say “No thanks, I’ll keep my ms.”

Sometimes I think pro-abortion rights people are so blood thirsty they actually want fetal cells used, rather than adult stem cells, whether it works or not.


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