Your Pastor's dog in the Church?


What would you do if at the end of Mass, right after the benediction, Father has his little dog sent up the main isle to where he’s waiting in front of the sanctuary, so the two of them can say good bye to the congregation?

Something about this irks me.

God bless,



Highly inappropriate…


Yes…*This should be avoided. If Father wants to show off his new pet (which he shouldn’t in the first place), he can do it after Mass.


That’s what I thought. For me, the issue isn’t so much the timing, I’m glad he waits at least until after the benediction, “Mass has ended…”, etc. But worst of all, I think, is where. This is in Our Lord’s presence.


If the dog was quietly sitting in Church the whole time, actually I wouldn’t consider it inappropriate or tasteless at all. But the tromping in the end the Mass? :eek:


As long as mass has ended I wouldn’t feel offended.


He shouldn’t what? He shouldn’t want to show off his new pet?

I don’t think he should do what was described here. I’m not sure why he *shouldn’t *want to show off his new pet, though. It seems to me that it’s up to him (i.e., no shoulds or shouldn’ts) as to whether he wants to show off the pet or not. Just that there are appropriate times/places to do so. :shrug:


I dont see any issue with it…the dog is only brought in to say goodbye with the priest to parishoners at the end of mass…

Its not doing any harm or acting in a way thats disrespectfull or i doubt the priest would allow the dog to be there…

Plus dogs are Gods creatures too…st francis used to preach to the animals…

Personally i think its quite sweet and harmless


Ummm…think of where Jesus was born, and what they laid him in.

However, I would be worried about the dog messing on something in the church. I don’t think animals offend God.


The dog is probably the least sinner present. I only wish I am allowed the same place at the feet of my Master.


Sounds like the Mass has ended so there shouldn’t be a problem. The dog is part of His creation, I don’t think God minds too much about it.


St. Francis would have approved. Animals flocked to him. As long as the mass is over, it’s OK.


Frankly, I would not object to this at all. As long as the Mass is over and the dog stays next to the Pastor. I agree that St. Francis would have loved it.


I think the recessional hymn is a part of the Mass and a dog or any other animal should not be included. I once attended a Mass on vacation where the priest had a dog who waited in the Narthex only and was able to stand by his master as he shook hands with the congregants on their way out the doors. this seemed ok to me. But not in the church proper as far as I can tell.


I’ll leave the appropriateness of having a dog trot down the aisle of a church to other posters. Speaking from a strict secular viewpoint, what if someone in the audience was deathly afraid of dogs? Super allergic? What if the dog nipped somebody? I don’t care how small a dog is- some of the smallest dogs can be the nastiest. What if he had an accident by the altar? I don’t know…there is a reason why dogs are not allowed in restaurants, some parks, shops, etc. It’s not appropriate.


I can remember my mom tell, when she was a girl, about one paster’s dog satting in the frount pew during mass. :smiley: :shrug:


I think my bigger concern would be if the dog got scared around that many people. Also, there are some real jerks out there that might mess with the dog. My grandmother’s mailman was a cruel man who would lock eyes with her dog and stare her down just to mess with her and make her bark. Sure enough, one day he was walking into the courtyard while she was outside and she bit him. I can’t say I felt too bad for him. If he was sitting in that church he would probably be the type to mess with the dog.


I think it is perfectly okay to have a dog in any social setting, even end of service.

But I think it is irresponsible to not ensure beforehand if anyone present would have objections (for health reasons, as Wild Thing said).


This is old news. My daughter went to this Mass. The parish is in the Florida panhandle and the priest has been doing it for a long time. There are long threads about it. The priest’s bishop doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

I don’t care for the dog simply because it is distracting. We want children to learn reverence and that they should pray in thanksgiving after Mass. We don’t need them getting all excited about a dog in the Church.

But it is not my parish. I have no say. I just hope that the priest doesn’t bring the dog in the confessional.



Me and both my children are extremely allergic to dogs. My youngest has an asthma attack everytime he’s around them. We do everything we can to stay away from dander. I sure don’t think I should have to worry about when I go to Mass.

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