Your Patron Saint


What do you do for him or her? Do you talk to them every day? Are you involved in any organizations or charities with their names?

I want to do something for St. Anthony (of Padua), because he’s done so much for me, but, I don’t know what to do.



I think there is a shrine you might want to give a try to visit on line…I saw it on the American Catholic website…I think you can make an offering or do a good work in his honor


St. Jude is mine. I do pray with him daily, and I have donated to shrines in Chicago and India, and the Children’s Hospital who bears his name (although I don’t believe it is associated with the Church)


Mart Mariam!

but I don’t know exatly what patron saint means, if its anyone but the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Hearts, I would say St. John of the Cross since he’s probably the greatest mystic to have ever lived.


I’m used to take Our Lady of the Rosary as my patron saint, since I was born in the day of her liturgical feast. I always pray for her intercession, and pray the Consecration to Our Lady a lot of times during the day, when I have nothing to do, and have already accomplished my other daily norms of piety.


I also often pray for intercession of and talk to my patron Saint.


I have several, actually.

St. Francis. I was born 4 October 1944. I am a penitent living a modified version of the Franciscan Rule of 1221. I adopt older cats and spoil them rotten

Venerable Matt Talbot. Not quite a Saint yet, but as a recovered alcoholic, he is an inspiration to recovered alcoholics like myself.

Saint Philomena. I wear her cord, and recite the Prayer Of The Cord daily.

Saint Montfort. Patron of the Rosary, and my guide to Mary

Saint Mary Magdelene, patron of repentent sinners. I qualify.


:blessyou: for adopting older kitties!:tiphat:


St. Francis of Assisi, St. Jude, & St. Anthony have always been special to me since way back. Then there’s St. Rozalia, had to search; per the not so reliable wikipedia and I believe Rosalia is the same. My confirmation name. :slight_smile: Having some southside Irish blood in me too I’m partial to St. Patrick. :slight_smile: Can’t forget St. Odelia for the eyes. Oh yeah, Blessed Bartolo, my newest one, praying for my friends still in the NAM junk (wiccans, pagans, etc).


Trust me, the pleasure’s all mine. Sure, adopting senior cats means they will die on you faster then kittens. The oldest I adopted was Old Man Conway at age 18, a rescure from a “collector”. Lasted about one year. Senior cars are mellowed out, way beyond the “ants in the pants” stage. They bond just as strongly as kittens in response to TLC.

Trust me, no matter how soon they die, and they will, there is still that quiet joy when you see them on their window sill beds, with a heating pad under them and sunlight warming them on top, sleeping away in bliss.


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