Your Personal Alcohol Consuption


Just out of curiosity, how many people here drink alcohol?

Me? I’m a teetotaler! I don’t have a moral problem with alcohol, I just don’t see any reason to consume it. I do personally believe, however, that many people drink far too much and that alcohol abuse has contributed to untold amounts of woe for mankind.

I would appreciate anyone’s perspective on the subject.


Beer on a Sunday as a treat and on feast days as a treat. On really special days (Christmas season, Easter, family stuff) I will have a few beers spread over a few hours. I also enjoy a few shots of single malt highland whisky every now and then.


I usually have a couple of beers or a glass or two of wine a night.


I might have a glass of wine once or twice a month. An occasional beer in the summer. That’s about it.


Drinking to the point to where you become drunk is a sin. Also drinking with bad intentions in mind such as wanting to get drunk. Drinking because you like it is fine as long as you don’t get drunk which our Lord warns against


I don`t drink at all . Even at a wedding, I just take a tiny sip of the wine when that toast to the couple is made and that is all. I do however keep some wine for cooking and use it sparingly.


if i’m off on my adventures wandering around the mountains or hot places i don’t like alcohol but i equally don’t like sugary drinks, they make me feel dry and sticky:mad:, so in those places i prefer non-alcoholic beer, its hoppy, and refreshing.
i drink beer mostly in the winter at night outside in the dark, windy, freezing, rainy, wet, snowy outside, thats kinda refreshing too.:snowing:


I used to enjoy a mixed drink now & then, maybe averaged out to once or twice a month. Then when I started controlling my diabetes better with diet, I found out there is no such thing as low-carb alcohol.

So now I’m down to one or two drinks per year. Somehow, sugar-free non-alcohlic Kahlua syrup in half and half isn’t quite the same. :frowning:


I don’t drink enough.


Cider* a few days a week, sometimes wine. I don’t like beer. I go to pub quizzes with friends on a regular basis, though we don’t (usually) drink that much.

When I was in my late teens, occasional sweet white wine with meals. My parents had a continental European attitude to kids and drink. I was told I’d grow out of the German sweet wine I liked then, but so far haven’t - though do like other wines now.

*I naturally mean the alcoholic, “hard” kind - cider always means the alcoholic kind in Britain


Sometimes when I go out to dinner I will have a couple of cocktails. If I go out with my hubby and friends I will have 4-6 beers. That is usually a once a month thing.
I drink more often during football season. lol. I am a social drinker. I don’t do it alone. haha.


Well, I sometimes struggle with this one. I, too, enjoy a couple of glasses of wine in the late afternoon or evening, as it definitely helps me to sleep more soundly. I do not drink to get drunk, just to enjoy the relaxation of it. The times I felt that I overdid it, I went to confession. I don’t overeat, I rarely eat sweets, and I always abstain from meat on Fridays. I hope The Lord does not look down on me for enjoying the fruit of the vine, as long as it is not abused. Anyone else care to comment on this? I don’t judge other people’s behavior or habits so a non-judgmental reply would be appreciated. God bless us all…:wink:


I will drink one beer every once in awhile, really like the German Spaten Optimator after having it with a rolled beef flank steak at a man made Bavarian town in Leavenworth, WA.

I usually have some ruby port before bedtime when I have worked long hours to slow me down for sleep.

I used to drink screwdrivers in the summer months, but it is too acidic now.


i used to drink like a fish !!! worked hard, 60 hours a week, would come home drink half a bottle of whiskey everyday, did this for years and years… now at 64 semi retired only work 15 hours a week maybe two glasses of wine a week, probably was a stress reliever at the time… probably should have done it differently but that was he way it was…


I drink one or two glasses of wine three or four times per week.


I only drink when my in-laws come to visit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually serious about that. My wife doesn’t really like to drink and I don’t like drinking alone. But my FIL likes to have company. :slight_smile:

I’ve never liked the taste of beer and I’m not really that fond of wine. But I do like the fruity, girly drinks. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :o That’s just because all my teeth are sweet tooths.


One beer, possibly two, at home at the end of the day when it’s time to go to bed. That’s it.


I do not drink at home. At a social event or when having lunch or dinner at a restaurant, I usually have white wine. I think drinking alcohol is ok if it’s done in moderation and personal limits not exceeded.


He doesn’t. He gave us alcohol to enjoy. As long as you don’t lose control of your reason and enter into sin, you are fine!


One or two beers with friends on Tuesday nights. A glass of wine once or twice a month.

I do not have more than two drinks in a day, but I don’t think drinking more than that is necessarily sinful under certain circumstances. By more, I mean enough that you are feeling it and could be considered intoxicated. This could only apply to occasions where there is neither physical danger to anyone, nor the near occasion of sin.

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