Your pick for the Academy Awards

Seeing as the Oscars are coming up this Sunday I wanted to see who everyone is pulling for. Name which actors and actresses (leading and supporting roles) you think should win, and also which movie.
My Picks:

Best Actor:
Hands down, Daniel Day Lewis. Not one of the other actors stands a chance. daniel Day Lewis was pure genius in There Will Be Blood. My second pick would either be Johnny Depp or Viggo Mortensen.

Best Actress:
I’ll probably be burned at the stake for saying this, but Kate Blanchett was awsome in Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I know it’s not very pro catholic, but I liked the movie and loved her performance. I also loved Ellen Page in Juno.

Best Supporting Actor:
I haven’t seen the movie, but the guy from No country for Old Men looks like he does a really awsome job.

Best Supporting Actress:
The little girl from Atonement. At least one actor from that movie was nominated.

Best Picture:
Atonement. It’s my all time favorite book and one of my favorite movies. There will be steam coming from my ears if this movie doesn’t win.

I actually haven’t seen many movies this year. I’m a bit disappointed that Bella wasn’t nominated.

I really enjoyed Ratatouille, I think that was nominated for best animated film.

On a lighter note. am I the only one whose mind wanders listening to all those acceptance speeches? I usually imagine myself receiving an award (even though I don’t act or do anything in the film world), I’d have a really great dress, and my speech would be great…then I wake up on the couch, having missed the actual important awards.(Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film)

I have never watched an awards show. This year I didn’t go to one movie although I do plan to see some of them on DVD. I get so bored watching overpaid people patting themselves on the back.

I’ll probably watch a DVD while the Oscars are being telecast.

Best Picture: Ratatouille (not gonna happen, I know :frowning: )

Best Animated Feature: Persepolis

Best Picture : I think No Country For Old Men will win,
I want for Atonement to win.

Best Actress: Julie Christie

Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett

Best Actor : Daniel Day Lewis

Best Supporting Actor : Javier Bardem

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