Your popes who supported the inqusititions were decieved


This post was taken from a thread about Tradition being a misleading source.

I think this is an awfully massive assertion for you to make, justasking4. First of all, it seems that, since you were not present at the time, it might be difficult for you to discern whether or how the popes were deceived. I also think that you are probably laboring under a paucity of historical information, and have been misled by anti-Catholic sources on these matters.

You have persistently championed your belief that the Catholic Church cannot be innerrant because it is comprised of fallible persons. These arguements appear to be made in an effort to support that belief.


This argument is actually very sound. It can be used in most situations. For example, we should not convict those who have used weapons to kill others. Instead, we should stop making those weapons, such as knives and guns. We shouldn’t convict those who run over someone because they were driving under the influence. Rather, we should stop producing cars since they cause so much damage to others.

In both circumstances, the people themselves were not looked at but what they used were scrutinized. In the same fashion, those who look at the Church’s history condemn the Church, and not the people running Her. A knife is primarily used for cutting food. It can be abused to cause harm to another. Does that mean the knife in question is to be condemned? Justasking4 and others will say yes, given their same argument for the Church. In closing, just because some abuse their power within the Church does not mean the Church is to be condemned.


I believe that justasking4 equates the two.


More pertinently, every government in the world contains people who misuse their positions for personal advantage.
Some people have theorised that the answer is to get rid of governments altogether. Occasionally governments do collapse, which provides a sort of real life experiment to see waht would happen.
Generally, a dictorship has to be pretty brutal before it is better than no government at all.

Similarly, abolishing the Church might seem an attractive solution to the problem of people like Alexander VI. It has been done, locally, on many occasions. However it is not an easy answer by any means.


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