your prayers are appreciated

Good day and GOD bless, many of you know my sob stories and know how difficult my economic situation is…Recently have fallen behind on rent, going on for several months now, several weeks late each month, now was told by my boss I can no longer work the hours I was, and have my hours cut back, guess I am not that needed any more, knew it was coming too since I saw many of my own duties and responsibilities been taken away from me to other employees…Very depressing…We had gone from 15 in our area to just 4 and I guess they are going to cut back on me too…I don’t know what I am going to do because I can’t afford to live now as it is, let alone with less hours or no job at all…I was applying for other jobs for months all ready because I had a feeling this was going to happen, it’s as if they want me to quit before they fire me so they don’t have to pay unemployment, but let me tell you no job has called me at all and I am not getting any younger nor smarter…Not only that but landlord asked me to move out on my own because he’s tired of dealing with the church neighbors always calling on me, got rid of my dogs except for one because of them, and still not good enough for landlord, can’t afford anything else and not sure where to go, have no family around here and no friends with space for more than 3 people…Almost had my electricity shut off and thanks to making extra hours was able to make a payment arrangement but now I don’t know what I am going to do…None of the charities around here have funds and I am just at a loss to knowing what else to do…With 3 kids this is really hurting us all ready since my ex wants to remove his parental rights and I have no other place to go and am dreading thinking I would have to travel all the way to California and be living off my parents…Really difficult situation and really sad about it…Your prayers are appreciated, thank you all and GOD bless! Take care…

I am so sorry. :console: I will say a special prayer for you and your family.

Thank you Petesgottheseat, am in tears right now but GOD willing and with your prayers hopefully things will get better, thank you and take care! God bless.

I will say a prayer for you too.

As far as the electric bill goes, as long as you keep talking to the electric company, and make any payments at all (a dollar or two), it is generally very difficult for them to turn your power off. If they make things hard on you, let them know you will contact your state’s public utility commission. (And then do it, if necessary!)

As someone who deals with emergency assistance every day, it is very easy for utility companies to cut you off. Do go on line and read the regs that your Public Service Commission/Public Utilities Commission has so you know when you can be cut off.

It may be best to find family to live with and pool resources until the economy gets better.

*I’m sorry iluvmybabies. :frowning: I know things will improve, but when is the question. I agree with kage, to try to stay with family if you can…Have you applied for any type of government assistance with housing, food, etc? You are a single mom with three kids, that is what this type of assistance is for…for people who are truly down and out. Until you can find gainful employment again, I’d check that option out.

You’re in my prayers for better tomorrows. *

Thanks EEgirl! I appreciate it!

And nope not here in illinois…My gf with 2 children was short 100 dollars from her past due electric bill and they shut her down during the middle of winter they didn’t care…They give you 2 chances for payment arrangements, she had done just that and missed her second one and that was it. They told me I was in my second one but catching up to 1000 dollars of spring/winter bill paying 350 dollars every month to catch up has not been easy let me tell you and I have missed 1 payment arrangement and this is the second one so this is my last chance. After that I get disconnected and have to pay the full amount owed if I want service back…Really disappointing…I thought it would be that way you know them willing to help but noe… I did contact the public commission because in order to accept the payment arrangement they were asking 250 dollars as the deposit, and I was short 50 bucks…I pawned my tv and the rest of my jewelry, I even went and pawned my kids video game console to come up with it so now I have 3 angry kids with nothing else to do… Very disappointing…

But I am trying to hang in there…thanks for your prayers!

Well I did I called the commission and told me that I had one last chance with the electric company so I can’t mess this one up other wise will have no electricity but with less work hours don’t know how I’m going to do it now…

I don’t have anyone near me I can go live with, and with 3 children it’s not easy to do so…Not only that but for me to travel all the way to California means getting into bigger debt with my parents…So I don’t know what to do…thanks anyhow…

YUP I tried they are closed and have been closed…the only reason my friend got to get in it is because her aunt works there when asked if she could help me out her aunt said she couldn’t at the moment…I just never have the luck to catch them when they are opened…AND one time I called 1 day too late…I was like are you serious you were opened for 24 hours and that was it? It’s terrible…I even told them that I was getting kicked out of the house I lived in because I couldn’t afford it and the landlord told me he didn’t want to deal with me any more and for me to find a place I could afford…I mean he was still and is still getting his rent just a week late, but he’s just not willing to budge…He thinks that because all these people put these high priced rents on the newspaper that he’s going to be able to get someone in that house with everything falling apart in it wholes in the roof mold in the basesment and not water proofed basement for a lot of money…It’s really sad. I pay 450 for a small 800 sq ft 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house plus all utilities except garbage, and he lowered it for me because it used to be 500 dollars…I couldn’t afford that either. The woman accross the street and several houses down the road are all under 400 dollar rents and lower with most utilities included, some even include heat and or basic cable but those people are not going anywhere…And I don’t blame them…

So yeah it’s a pretty sad situation…Very depressed…But trying to hang in there. Thanks! God bless!


Never forget that we love you and are praying for you all the time.

God Bless You God Bless You GOD BLESS YOU

Thank you so much for your prayers! I feel so much better all ready! God bless!

First thing, don’t panic.

Put together a plan. Have you contacted your local St Vincent de Paul Society? They may be able to put you in touch with someone who can provide you emergency shelter.

Call every church in town and find out what assistance they have available.

What about returning to college?


Food Stamps?

Praying for you.:gopray2:

I am on the foodstamps because of the lack of child support, lol, and let me tell you I still have to come up with 2 weeks worth of money and for food, and seek charity help for food because with 3 kids, rice and beans just don’t cut it…as terrible as it is, to have to take something that someone else might need because I can’t make it, I have to take all the help I can get…Thanks, once again…

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