Your prayers for my mother in law in ICU needed!


Please pray for my mother in law who is in intensive care.
We just learned yesterday that she was sick with flu. We were told just now she is in intensive care. The doctors said she has problem with heart and kidney. My mother in law is far away in Taiwan, the other side of Pacific Ocean. She is in her seventies and my father in law is in his eighties. My husband and his sister both are in States.

Please pray for God’s mercy, for my mother in law’s recovery and also pray for my aged father in law.

Thank you so much and God bless!


I will be praying for her in my Rosary today. May she make a full and speedy recovery and may your family soon be at peace. Please let us know how she is doing.


Thanks so much for your kindness, Sam!!
My sister in law is flying back tomorrow. My husband plans to fly back this Friday with “leave without pay”.

I pray things will work out and we won’tgo through trials we are not able to go through. Since the in laws are so far away in the East, it will be very hard for my huaband to take leave without pay going back to see his mother, and have to go back again in the near future once he is back to States. I pray the Lord will have mercy to help her pull through and recover well.

Again thanks for your much needed prayer. God bless!




Thanks!!! MIL in ICU went through kidney dialysis but had not made improvement yet. DH booked the flight taking off from NC 5:05 am this Friday and won’t arrive his destination until Saturday night. It will be a long trip more than 30 hours. Please kindly keep my DH in your prayers too. I can only count on the Lord’s mercy and pray everything will work out.

Thanks again.


Lord hear us. :gopray:
But not our will, but Thine be done.


Thanks for your prayer. MIL is in coma. If it is God’s will for her to go home, I pray she may sustain until my husband arrives.
The situation is so stressful. The long exhausting flight to the other side of the earth certainly adds more stress. What would we do to arrange my father in law’s care in the future, all kinds of issues lie ahead. We need your prayer support.
Thanks so much and thank God for his all time presence and mercy!


DH has been flying on AA since 6:00 a.m today and won’t arrive until Saturday noon NC time. Please say a prayer for a safe and healthy trip. After he arrives, there are lot of stress to face and handle.
Thank you for your kindness! God bless!


Yesterday I prayed in my Rosary for Mother Mary to take care of all the stressful issues facing your family, and I’ll do the same again today.


Thanks Sam, for your kindness! Thanks for letting me know your intercession. It warms my heart. God bless you for reaching out.

Thanks to all of you who prayed. God bless!


Thank God DH arrived his parents’ home in Taiwan after 31 hours.
MIL is still in coma. Please continue to pray for God’s mercy in this situation. Thank you all so much!!


I keep her in my prayer. God bless.


Thanks water!

  • praying *


Thank you and God bless!




Mommyof4, thanks for being a prayer warrior!

I said a rosary before the 5:30 Mass started, for all who need healing and all the prayer intentions on CAF. I find myself saying so many Rosaries and Chaplet of Divine Mercy nowadays!


When DH was by MIL’s bed side, she opened her eyes for a moment and there were tears.
DH read Psalm 23 to her.
Please continue to pray for God’s mercy! Thanks and God bless!


MIL passed away. Now I have to find a flight to fly back for the funeral.

Please continue to pray for this situation and the reposed soul.
Thanks for your kind intercession. God bless!


I’ll be praying for the repose of her soul, and that God give your family comfort at this time.

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