Your religious background?

I’m interested in what has made others here interested in apologetics, and I suspect that it has a lot to do with their religious background, so I wanted to post a poll on the matter…

Did you always have the orthodox faith that you have today, passed on directly from your parents?

Were you a cradle Catholic who left and returned or who never really took the faith that seriously and as an adult found orthodox beliefs and embraced them?

Are you a Catholic who doesn’t embrace orthodoxy a la Catholic Answers?

Were you a convert to Catholicism from a Christian fundamentalist background?

From the Greek Orthodox Church?

From Atheism?

From mainstream Protestantism (Anglican, Lutheran, etc.)?

From non-mainstream Protestantism (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons)?

Are you not a Catholic, but thinking of becoming one?

Are you an ex-Catholic?

Doubtfire, wny are you interested in “APOLOGETICS”?

Perhaps others will respond if you tell us why you are interested in this subject.

Well, I was an adult convert to Catholicism so that is why I started visiting Catholic Answers 6 or 7 years ago.

My upbringing was with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They’re the ones that got me interested in the concept of apologetics. Between JW and Catholic I was atheist, so I’m technically a convert from atheism.

As for at the moment my situation is complicated. I stopped going to church last year, but I’m trying to get back into it, but I have some qualms about it…

Didn’t see a spot for my religious background: Born, raised, stay, and die Catholic!

Hmm, that was what I intended for the first option. Is there something wrong in how I wrote it?

Oops sorry, misread it!

I was actually far more orthodox than my parents who practiced with deviation on the matter of contraception. I was possibly less so than my grandparents since I never took up the rosary with such fervor (I used it often, multiple times a week but not daily as they did) but I fulfilled all the requirements and obeyed social teachings and assented to all matters of faith.

I was a cradle Catholic who remained in the faith up until…hrmm, twenty one although I had been “going through the motions” for about a year before then. I took it deathly seriously up until that point and only ceased practicing fully around twenty one.

I personally dislike the term however it is appropriate; while I continue to study it for my occupation I don’t believe in it.

The first option is a yes/no question, not an option for choice.

And yeah. I would have chosen the first one.
Catholic. For centuries. Always will be.

Episcopal > traditional Anglican > Catholic


I’m a jumbled up mess.

I was raised in a non-religious household. My Dad had faith and taught me to pray a nightly bedtime prayer, but my parents never took me to church. My paternal grandparents sent me a Bible, and I had a couple children’s Bibles (illustrated) that I’m unsure where they came from. My Mom is a mish-mash of wicca/astrology/reincarnation stuff. She believes in God but not the same way Christians do. My Dad died when I was 8 and my Mom re-married when I was 10 to a man who is a Mason but he also was not very religious. I think twice a year- Thanksgiving and Christmas- he’d say a blessing over our meal. That was the extent of religion in my home growing up.

Despite that I always had a strong belief in God and even as a kid used to have long conversations talking to God. I got mad at God when our dog died when I was about 6 and yelled at Him, for which I feel embarrassed but I’m sure God understands. I was always a seeker- I would attend church with friends wherever they went. My grandparents took me to the Methodist church the few times I visited them (they lived clear across the country) and friends took me to Presbyterian, Baptist and Mormon churches. I was baptized Mormon at 15. My Mom supported it despite her non-belief because she said “any religion that’s against drugs, alcohol and premarital sex was good” with her. I drifted away from the Mormon church in just a few years, having some disagreement with their theology. After that I lost all interest in organized religion altogether.

When I was 20 I found a scapular tacked to a corkboard at the local grocery store for the taking. It had some literature that explained the two medals with it- a St. Benedict’s medal and a Miraculous Medal. I didn’t know what a scapular was for but thought the medals were cool and put them on a chain and began wearing them everywhere. That was probably, really, my first exposure to Catholicism.

In my 30’s I began to drift back to the Lord and began more seriously praying and studying scripture. I bought an NIV Bible and found it so much easier to understand than my old KJV Bible that I began reading in earnest because it was just so much easier to comprehend.

About the time I was 37 I began to get more curious about Catholicism. Somehow I’d ended up on mailing lists for Catholic charities and I did support a couple and the next thing I knew I was being sent rosaries and holy cards and medals. I like to joke now that the Catholics knew I was Catholic before I did. Additionally, through my study of scripture I had begun getting a strong feeling that sola fide was wrong. That it mattered what you did. There seemed to be so many places in the Bible that said that explicitly, but the only faith that seemed to put any emphasis on that that was Catholicism. I began watching Mass on and when Lent rolled around I participated by giving something up.

Finally at age 41 I decided to contact the local parish and ask, “What do I need to do to become Catholic?” I was told to come by Sunday, they were having a class. No one told me up front that the class was 9 months long (!) but RCIA was worth it.

I was baptized this past Easter at age 42. I feel deeply grateful that God allowed a sinner like me to be baptized and confirmed into the Church. I know I have been being led here for many years, at least 22 years. Perhaps longer. I wish I’d grown up in the faith, I can only imagine that I might not have made some of the horrible mistakes I made in my teens and 20’s if I’d had the moral guidance that the church offers.

I still feel pretty new and there’s still tons of things I don’t know or don’t fully understand which is largely why I’m on this forum.

I voted, Did you always have the orthodox faith that you have today, passed on directly from your parents? Mostly from my mom, because my dad left the church before I was born. I was raised in the church until I was 9 1/2, when my mom left the church also. I tried going back when I was in college, lets say it was a mutual, I don’t know you. The mass had changed and the churches I tried didn’t want anything to do with a traddie trying to come back. So I spent my adult life searching for God. Then my husband became an Eastern Catholic and when we had our marriage blessed, I was transferred in. I still miss the Latin Mass. Also having qualms about all that has happened in the church that made not only my parents but my whole extended family on both sides leave the church, and even stop believing in God.

I love hearing everyone’s stories!

I have been Catholic since birth and always will be! Amen!

May God bless you all abundantly and forever! :slight_smile:

Catholic born & raised & will be so till I die. No other options needed.

I was baptized in the United church, lost interest in it in my teens and didn’t find another. I wasn’t interested in church until my children were small and we attended the Anglican church sometimes. I stopped going to that one too, they weren’t interested and hated going and then the church sent me a nasty letter demanding 10% or they wouldn’t perform any kind of ceremony from confirmation up to and including burial if anyone family should die. Needless to say that tipped the scales enough for me to pull out of church for good.

My Testimony

Always was Catholic, but not nearly as strongly as now. I started becoming more interested in Catholicism when I was 14, almost 15, because of this website.

Born into a Southern Baptist family. Parents were non practicing but did insure i went to Sunday school and Church. First exposed to Catholicism at 13. Began rcia at 16, confirmed at 17. I,m 60 now.

I was raised Catholic, left, sought truth/God and “found” Him, becoming a more less conservative fundamentalist Protestant along the way, and many years later, after a series of circumstances and much to my own surprise, returned to the Church.

I was raised Catholic and started to fall away when I left home to go to college. All it took was letting myself sleep in one Sunday a couple of months into my freshman year and skipping got easier after that (sad). I attended Mass sporadically throughout those four years with some Catholic friends, but stopped going altogether after college once I was working and living in my own place. 20 years later I came back. I finally started to hear God’s repeated calls for me to return and attended Mass one Tuesday morning. (It took me almost 1 1/2 years from that point before I could receive Communion again). My Baptist-raised husband started going with me, and decided to convert. :smiley: I sat through RCIA with him and found an interest and zeal that I had never had before. I take the faith very seriously now, have joy and peace in my life, and can’t imagine how I got through all those years without it.

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