Your speculation please?


Rev 21:14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

What name is inscribe on the Twelfth Foundation?

Judas Escariot
There is no way to know for certain.

Also can you come up with some others that might fall into this catergory of speculation.


Matthias gets my vote, Acts 1:15-26.


:thumbsup: Same here.




Yeah, I think we can rule out Judas.

And Paul himself distinguishes himself (and other possible later apostles like Barnabas) from “the Twelve”.

So that only leaves Matthias.

Also, the other twelve were really sort of the Jewish apostles. Whereas Paul had the special perogative of being Apostle to the Gentiles. Even though Paul was Jewish, and many of the other 12 did preach to gentiles…but his “sorta different” status is acknowledged widely. So I don’t think they’d have just 11 of the 12 and then the “sorta different” one who Jesus never even met but appointed in a vision extraordinarily…


It’s “Think Outside The Box” time…

Who says there are only twelve foundations? :hmmm:
Since Revelation is figurative we can add as many foundations as we want right? Maybe even 265 more, which will take us right up to Benedict XVI. I can dig it.



Oh Great, throw in a wrench or two or three, some odd-ball screwdrivers…:eek: :smiley:


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