Your thoughts appreciated

i made a little video clip and i was wondering if you guys can check it out and tell me what you think or comment it thank you :slight_smile:

Right to the point, but do you think you could fix “wuts”!

Yep, I spotted that too. I think it was good but in the written bits, you need the punctuation or all the words run together. I founf this slowed my reading time and meant that I missed the ends of some of the written slides,

pretty good, dramatic. who is your audience??

If its a non believer in Christ, I think you need more explaination. It looks like Gods going to come in and win, but Hes going to kill everyone in the process. You only show people in death and destruction. It could be confusing.

I think its well done just need some additions and the music is great, why dont you make it trihumphant or majestic near the end especially by the statue.


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