Your Thoughts on Personal Development Blogs/Websites?

I’m a huge fan of getting things done and productivity in general. As a sophomore in an all-girls Catholic high school who’s juggling a lot of things at the moment, websites such as Lifehacker and Stepcase Lifehack provide a lot of tips and articles that I find I can apply to my life.

Recently, I’ve discovered this personal development website and while I mainly stick to the articles about productivity and goal setting, I was overwhelmed with articles from categories I have never seen before, specifically “Awareness and Growth” and “Purpose and Meaning”. Before visiting this website, I never really thought about my ‘purpose’ or my life plan. I know I’m fairly young to be exploring things like this, but after reading a few articles I feel like I want to get down to business and start mapping out my life (setting up goals, getting my priorities straight, ‘where I want to be in five years’, etc).

I know that God has a plan for every one of us. By diving into this ‘my purpose’ and ‘life plan’ stuff, would I be crossing a line of any sort? Also, in general, are self-help sites bad? The argument ‘self help = you’re not asking for God’s help’ is swirling around in my head right now…

I’m sorry if this comes off as very confusing to anyone (or everyone). I’d like to know what you all think before I pursue this ‘life plan’ stuff any further. Thanks and God Bless!


It would be cool to check out Microsoft Office Academic.

This sounds interesting. I don’t know if self help stuff are necessarily against the Catholic faith. I personally read such articles and books. :shrug:

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