Your thoughts on this miracle caught on tape...

Regarding the following, the Catholic Church (Vatican) has has not made an official pronouncement regarding the event. Your thoughts if you get the chance to watch the 4 short videos?

“Katya Rivas has endured the stigmata, the wounds of Christ, many times and once while on camera in front of a scientific team. Her attending physician claims that the woman is dying as, over the period of several hours, bloody wounds appear on her hands, and forehead. Yet, the next day, she is recovered fully, and her wounds have inexplicably disappeared.”

“The Catholic Church invited Science to test a modern-day Eucharistic Miracle. The astounding results support belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist! The Investigative Team found in the Consecrated Bleeding Host the presence of Flesh and Blood, Human DNA and Heart Muscle Tissue containing White Blood Cells that can only exist if fed by a living body.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I’ve read the book by the one who first investigated this story. Its called “Reason to Believe” and is a real mind blower. I have lent it out to numerous people with great results.

I have the Eucharist as my miracle. I need nothing else.

Someone else, who may not have the Eucharist, might need it. It may even lead them to the Eucharist. Regardless of whether or not one needs it, it is happening.



Exactly. :thumbsup: It could lead someone to the Holy Eucharist.

In my opinion, Rivas is a fraud.

I believe we should defer to the Church and respect the Church’s careful and reasonable skepticism regarding any claims, graphic or otherwise, and be very cautious about accepting such things:

I notice this thread is in Non-Catholic Religions.

A sign from God?:wink:

I’ve only watched the first part so far, but assuming that the doctor and the ten other people that watched it happen aren’t lying I don’t see how it can be a fraud. I’ll chime in tomorrow when I get the chance to watch the other three parts, but for now thats my opinion on it.

#1)is this an approved stigmata? #2) if not does it fall under the ban on discussing unapproved apparitions ?

She has the approval of her Bishop, René Fernández Apaza, who has given his imprimatur to her Messages.


I watched all 4 and found it rather fascinating. There was nothing objectionable so I think it’s quite possibly real.

Hey Laircy. Perhaps that is why she received the approval of her Bishop, René Fernández Apaza, who gave his imprimatur to her Messages. If you get the chance check out the following. It really blew my hair back.

The Holy Mass

Explained to Catalina by Jesus and Mary

I thought “imprimatur” means that the content of what is intended to be published does not conflict with Catholic doctrine.

I have never understood “imprimatur” as a statement on the validity of someone’s claims that one’s alleged stigmata or private revelations are worthy of belief.

You are right. :thumbsup: The imprimatur (official declaration by a Church authority that a book or other printed work may be published) has to do with her written work. It has nothing to do with her stigmata. For example:

Free Ebooks to read online…

Her books should be good, wasn’t one plagiarized from a book written by an Archbishop?

In her *Renovacion Evangelica *of 1996 she plagiarized from *Formacion de Predicadores *by Jose Prado Flores & Salvador Gomez.

I did a quick search on Caralina Rivas.

Nothing too positive showed up regarding her.

Three sources that claim it’s

I don’t know enough regarding her. But if someone is able to debuke the main claims of fraud. I’d be more interested in her situation.

Kindly, - James

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