Your top 10 favorite songs

Through Mary Immaculate,

I like listening to music which I actually like and wanted to hear what secular songs other people just love. The reason why I love alot of the music which I'm going to mention is that i read alot into them; I associate them with the Blessed Virgin and Her love for us and see them in a Catholic light. Alot of these songs have intentional deep meaning which really reflects the condition of the world in our times but enough of that, lets see what my favorite songs are!

For me my top 10 favorite songs, with 1 being my favorite, 2 being my second favorite and so on, have to be:

10. Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer.

Despite being the soundtrack of a blasphemous movie based on an even more hateful and blasphemous book, Chevaliers de Sangreal is a really great instrumental song. It reminds me of Church music and if there were a film about the Blessed Virgin, this soundtrack would definitely be found in it.

9. *Mad World*-Gary Jules cover.

The song in the link is actually a cover by Gary Jules; the original was made by the band Tears for Fears yet I don't like their version. The tone of the Gary Jules version is really depressing but catchy. It shows that people inside the world not aren't occupied with the more important things in life such as love and spend it in trivial things, but that the pointless, materialistic things which they indulge in make them sad and not happy.

8. *Batman:"Mask of the Phantasm theme.*

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is without a doubt one of the greatest Batman films ever made, if not the greatest (it is certain that it is MUCH better than Batman 1989!). This song is just epic. To me, it feels that you are sharing in the sadness of Batman: he is all lonely but he struggles with his loneliness and his superhero persona; it'd be easier to not be Batman but he keeps on fighting crime; in the end, even though he sacrifices his own relationships and his own life, the pay off is great as his purpose as Batman is to protect the innocent (a theme which the '89 film ignored:shrug:).

The lyrics aren't in Latin. Shirley Walker who composed the song actually got the names of the singers and of staff from Warner Bros., scrambled them and included them into the theme (genius!). The first word which the choir sings at 0.25 is 'Nalim Mot', which is actually Tom Milano scrambled. I'm always listening to this theme which is both sad yet gives you a feeling of hope at the same time.

7. *Bohemian Rhapsody* by Queen.

When I heard this song for the first time, I found it annoying. But then, the second time I heard it, I got sucked in with the beauty and meaning of this song and it quickly became one of my favorite songs ever. Nuff said, just listen to this masterpiece. My dad simply loves this song too.

6. *Take a bow* by Muse.

Forget the Rihanna version (I didn't even know Rihanna had a song names like that and don't listen to her songs at all so there!:p). This song makes get all excited and jumpy! For one thing, the song was made at the time of the Presidency of George H. Bush whom they felt was a corrupt man with his gulf war business and today, it can be applied to 98% of world leaders, they are that bad evil. While t isn't good to wish bad persons to go to hell (rather, we should pray for them and try to convert them), Muse does have alot of reason behind their statements, and I feel that this song complements all the others I mentioned above.

5. *Clubbed to death* by Rob Dougan.

The video and song together make another great masterpiece. Lets just see what some you tube commenter said on this instrumental piece:

0:01 In a world full of deceit , we're moving backwards like mindless sheep.
0:55 He starts to move against the system
1:05 How, one way or another ,we try to destroy each other.
1:37 Love can freeze time, and create it's own reality.
2:19 Falls and rises again, like we all should do.
2:58 That wall represents all that keeps us? from being the best we can.
(addictions,procrastination,un***fair laws,envy,etc)
Comes back better, stronger, wiser.Children look up to us and take our example ..

Even though they do kiss in a rather sexual manner, the bit at 1:34 is my favorite part of the video and without meaning to be crude, it reminds me of the love which Priests should have towards the Blessed Mother: that they love Her not only like a Mother but also as their Spouse. I mean, as Saint John Eudes said, She the Spouse of Priests because like a wife, She produces the seed with her husband, the seed here being Jesus and the union between the Priest and Mary is totally chaste. I'm talking about Priests, everyone should love the Blessed Virgin just like how Christ loves Her (just as husbands should love their wives just as Christ loves His Church).

4. *The beginning is the end is the beginning* by Smashing Pumpkins.

I really love to hear this song even though it is heavy rock and to some people it sounds rather satanic, but that is why I love this song, because it seems as if the devil is talking to the Blessed Mother and singing about Her. His tone is both mocking yet fearful; he calls Her 'the pale princess of a palace cracked' as to him, the kingdom of God is flawed because there are many souls who hate Him and Mary and who are in hell but at the same time, he actually believes that the Blessed Virgin is going to stop him and deep in his heart he knows that she will crush his pathetic head. He even seems desperate to experience some of the love and happiness which She herself is always enjoying, as when he says 'is it bright where you are?'

That said, listen tot his song and pretend that it is the devil talking to the Blessed Mother. Whenever I hear it, I ALWAYS imagine the devil and Mary confronting each other and fighting over us. Mary Immaculate is the greatest!:D

3. *Hallelujah*-ANY version of this song.

This song has been covered many, many times, but my personal favorite has to be the Rufus Wainwright version. While Jeff Buckley's version is really sorrowful and beautiful it can be a bit sentimental, and while credit has to be given to John Cale for sparking the 'craze' of all these versions of 'Hallelujah' and I admit I like his version, it doesn't capture the sadness and passion this song really has.

My personal favorite has to be the Rufus Wainwright version. It is sad yet not sentimental and the piano beat, according to wikipedia, is almost liturgical. The reason I love this song so much though is something confidential, but lets just say that sometimes I do feel what this song means that its saying and while I do have times when I seriously doubt the Blessed Mothers love for me, with Her help I found that She truly does love me and wants to bring me to heaven. I am one of Her weakest children, if not the weakest child, and Mothers always have special care to that child who is the most sickly:).

2. *The Sound of Silence* by Simon and Garfunkel.

I love this song, I really do. It is one of the greatest songs ever made and it is perfect in every sense. the lyrics, the serious and subtle themes, the voices of the singers, the pace, the guitar, everything. According to Garfunkel's words, the song is about: '"...the inability of people to communicate with each other....what you see around you is people who are unable to love each other."

Though some people dispute this, the song was inspired by the tragedy of Kitty Genovese who was raped and murdered while her neighbors saw her and heard her screams and did absolutely nothing. No one called the police, no one lifted a finger to carry her even when they saw her dragging herself on the pavement. The song isn't supposed to be interpreted strictly to the Genovese case though: it can be interpreted to anything that has to do with the bystander effect. For me, when few people listened to our Lady's pleas at Fatima while the rest and the Pope did NOTHING (in Pius XI's case:() or very little (in Pius XII's case), that was sad. It can imagine Mary telling us to take Her arms that we might reach Her and that w we hear Her words that She might teach us. Instead, and this counts to devout Catholics, we lazily go with the advice of other spiritual books which, while good, have alot of flaws in them and can all too often separate us from the road to heaven. Mary is the path that we're supposed to go through to get to God.

And, my favorite song has got to be... wait for it! It is...

Ok, I'm just kidding! Actually, my favorite song is:

1. *The Lady in Black* by Uriah Heep.

Don't say I'm cheating because this song is about the Blessed Virgin Mary, I simply 'adore' this song. I honestly cried the first time I heard that as all the troubles and doubts I had about Mary faded. There is not even any need to make a commentary how this song reminds me of the Blessed Mother because if you listen to this song, you immediately will see about whom it is talking about. Every time I listen to it I receive hope that Mary will crush the head of Satan, bring us to heaven and make us saints. There is even a Gregorian version of this song by the way, and here it is:

And those are my ten favorite song. So, what are YOUR favorite songs? Huh? TALK! Its interesting to hear what songs have a deep meaning on people. You don't have to write a commentary about them; you don't even have to make a top ten list of your favorite songs, all you have to do is mention them and at least say why your most favorite song has such a deep impact and meaning on you.

My 10 favorite songs in no particular order:
*]While My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles
*]God Only Knows- The Beach Boys
*]Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin
*]Sweet Child O’Mine- Guns & Roses
*]Baker Street- Gerry Rafferty
*]My Sweet Lord- George Harrison
*]Take Me To The River- Talking Heads
*]Happy Together- The Turtles
*]Paint It Black- The Rolling Stones
*]A Day In The Life- The Beatles

  1. "Run" Snow Patrol. The song is just so hauntingly beautiful. I also like the Leona Lewis cover, but the original is the best.

  2. "Moment of Surrender" U2. I love every single song that U2 has released, but this is my favorite.

  3. "The Cave" Mumford and Sons. I actually just discovered this band not too long ago, and love their music.

  4. "Sweet Child O Mine" Gun's n' Roses. This song is such a classic. The guitar work on this song is insane.

  5. "Uprising" Muse. One of my favorite bands. This song just gets you so pumped. Saw them live actually. Their brilliant.

  6. "Good Rats" Dropkick Murpheys. This band is so fun.

  7. "Lilie" Lisa Hannigan. My favorite female singer. This is what angels sound like.

  8. "Set Fire to the Rain" Adele. Her music is just so well written and she has such an amazing voice.

  9. "The Blower's Daughter" Damien Rice. He doesn't release music often, but his cd's are always well worth the wait.

  10. "Graphton Street" Dido. Dido's music just speaks to my soul. Her music and voice is amazing.

Well here's 10, maybe not THE 10, but 10. I could just name 10 Beatles, or 10 Dylan songs, but what fun is that.

"Visions of Johanna" - Bob Dylan
"Rain" - the Beatles
"So Long Marianne" - Leonard Cohen
"Love is all around" - The Troggs
"Reason to believe" - Tim Hardin (not the Rod Stewart version though)
"I'll Melt With You" - Modern English
"Eight Miles High" - the Byrds
"Somebody to Love" - Jefferson Airplane
"I Wanna Be Sedated" - the Ramones
"Driver 8" - REM

I can't say these are my top ten but these are definitely ten of my favorite songs.

In no real order...

  1. Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan - The story of my life (at least 10 years of it). Call me emo all you want for liking this song, but I will never forget those years for they are my testimony against those who treat bullying lightly.

  2. All You Wanted by Michelle Branch - Kinda awkward for me to like this since I'm a dude and all but it sorta counter-balances song #1. I always imagine my character self-inserts to have a love interest who has this as her theme song. :o (I'm kinda looking for a girl like that in real life actually...:blush:)

  3. New Divide by Linkin Park - Probably the first "shameless" song in this list. I don't care much about the lyrics or how it sounds. I just like it cuz it's the theme song of Transformers 2. :p starts talking in Cybertronian #@%@0#!!! fires laser minigun on arm %##@$%@!!! transforms into a certain black sedan

  4. Honto no Jibun by Buono! - Another shameless song. It's just soooooo cute!!! X3 It makes me of think of a really sweet yet really cool, slice-of-life, high school romance anime. w(With mahou shoujo, toku heroes, sera fuku, bentos, love confessions and, and...)

  5. Chain by Back-On - This song makes me think of myself wearing high-powered, motorized roller skates that let run fast and jump high. Yeah. :P points upwards Onward on the Road to the Blue World!! Let's Fly! :cool:

  6. Hikari to Kage no Rakuen by Rin & Len Kagamine - The music alone just screams fantasy. Swords. Sorcery. Dragons. Quests. Adventure. Friends. Oh and did I mention a bit of drama? I'm working on a fantasy story right now and this is what I've been listening to for inspiration. :p (Oh yeah, believe it or not but this song is 100% synthesized, even the voices. ;p)

  7. Tenchi Hou Take by Kenji Kawai - If I were a mage, this song would play during the part where I cast my ultimate spell, one that would obliterate all opposition into nothingness...starts casting I am the soul of my art... (yes I'm deliberately ripping off UBW right now. :p)

  8. FFIV DS Intro Movie Music by Nobuo Uematsu - It starts melodramatic but then starts building up to something grand. The next thing you know I'm imagining myself as a member of a party in our final battle to save teh world. ;p

  9. Hand in Hand by Yoko Shimomura - It's very short but very memorable because it's the one song that makes me dream of starting on my own crazy adventure. XD

  10. Drink Up Me Hearties by Hans Zimmer - hums We're devils and black sheep and really bad eggs... gazes on horizon Drink up me hearties yo ho... :cool:

Honestly, it’s hard for me to name 10 as I’ve more than 2000 CDs.
But I’ll present 10 that I like and I can remember now.

In no particular order.

  1. Love me - Collin Raye
  2. Friends - Richard Clayderman
  3. Father and Son - Boyzone (cover of Cat Steven)
  4. Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk
  5. She - Elvis Costello
  6. Just The Way You Are - Diana Krall
  7. Father by Thy Hand/Ledsag os Herre - Emi Fujita
  8. Truly, Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
  9. Unwell - Matchbox Twenty
  10. The Blower’s Daughter - Damian Rice

I'm not a real big music connoisseur, but here are 10 songs that I have been known to check out on Youtube from time to time ...

I Fall to Pieces - Patsy Cline
Crazy - Patsy Cline
Does my Ring Hurt Your Finger - Charley Pride
Stormy Weather - Lena Horne
The Man That Got Away - Judy Garland
Rain on Me - Ashanti
Baby - Ashanti
Ghetto Gospel - Tupac Shakur
I Cry - Ja Rule
Creep - Radiohead

Thanks for the good ol'-fashioned rickroll. ;)

I don't know why, but I find it difficult to resist chiming in on these "favorite music" threads, even though I am sure there are precious few who care about my eccentric taste in music. :o :p :o

Anyway, it is hard to really come up with a top ten list as I have way more CDs than any one person should have (though still less than half of what my brother has).

I have to start this list by thinking of my favorite bands and then picking my favorite song of theirs. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites from over the years:

]It Won't Fade **by Sonata Arctica *- Lyrically, it doesn't make much sense to me, but I love his vocal stylings.
]A Change of Seasons **by Dream Theater* - A 23 minute epic about the greatest journey of all, the journey of life.
]Message to God **by Royal Hunt* - An honest reflection by someone struggling with belief and God. I like their song "Silent Scream" better, but it wasn't on YouTube, so I had to pick my runner-up.
]Chance **by Savatage* - A song about Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara who helped save thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. This is the first time they introduced the awesome counter-point vocals, which would become a staple of their later albums, as well as their much more commercially successfuly side-project Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
]Sacred Worlds **by Blind Guardian* - Since I have a hard time choosing between any of their songs from their album "Imaginations from the Other Side", I went for this song instead, which truly showcases what the band is capable of.
]The Human Stain **by Kamelot* - It's hard for my to pick my favorite Kamelot song, but this song really strikes me as of someone grappling with the reality of Original Sin, but without the Christian faith and theological vocabulary to articulate it as such.
]Cancer of the Heart **by Skyclad* - This song is from one of the most underrated bands out there. They are proudly self-described neo-pagans and are often critical of Christianity, but this song is quite a poignant articulation of Original Sin. Even when I disagree with their lyrics, I can't help but admire the artistry that went in to composing them.
]Revelation **by Helloween* - A surprisingly Christian song from a band with the word "hell" in their band name (though I prefer to put the accent on the "hello" ;)). It also includes the Greatest Guitar Riff Ever Conceived By Man. Unfortunately, this live version is the only one on You Tube, but you get the idea.
]The Garden of Emotions **by Ayreon* - Though their album "The Human Equation" will probably always be to me the pinnacle of Ayreon's career, this is the song that first made me fall in love with the band. It's taken from their Rock Opera of sorts "Into the Electric Castle" about 8 people from different periods who were plucked from time and brought together in the Electric Castle to confront the evil they have done. Great stuff.
]Laying the Demon to Rest **by Theocracy* - Okay, so I guess these guys are a Christian band, but I couldn't leave this song off the list. It's a great anthem for those who struggle with temptation (which is, well, everybody ;)).

There you have it. And, just for fun, I'll add Lost Forever by Van Canto. I've been enjoying them immensely recently. They are an acapella metal band. They still have a drummer, but all the bass and guitar parts are done vocally. They do some pretty interesting Metallica covers. :p

Layla (the long acoustic version)-Clapton
Baker Street-Jerry Rafferty
Sultans of Swing-Dire Straits
Walk of Life-DS
Teach Your Children Well (CSNY)
The Night they Drove old Dixie Down-Baez
Can't Stop Lovin dat man of mine (Kern)
Running on Empty-Jackson Browne
Running against the Wind-Bob Seger
In the Mood-Glenn Miller

I'm glad people responded. I don't mean to be unfair (though I made this thread so I deserve say than anyone else!:p) but I have a few other songs which I really like too but which aren't my ten favorites. Here are my honorable mentions. People can of course mention their other honorable mentions too so as to be fair, but here are mine:

The answer is blowing in the wind: Joan Baez cover. with Baez who has a really beautiful and charming, yet simplel voice which fits perfectly with this song and the deep menaing of the lyrics, I don't know why I didn't put this song in my top ten. In fact, if I could I'd put it in place of Chevaliers de Sangreal.

Everybody wants to rule the world: Tears for fears. song really gives you the feeling of what being a corrupt leader is: they are proud, obnoxious, heartless and monsers in reality, but in their own minds, they think they are good, awesome people. Really love to hear this song though.

99 Luft Balloons: by Nena. To me, the 99 ballons symbolize Christian martyrs throughout history while the communist government symbolizes the trants who persecute Christians. The video is the German version but has both German and English subtitles.

Pruit Igoe by Philip Glass. Don't mind the Grant Theft Auto logo which is a highly immoral video game, just listen to this song. Its the only version on you tube which matches the Watchmen trailer!

People are strange by the doors. Love this song too. It gives you the feeling not so much of loneliness as to why you are feeling lonely.

And those are my runners up!

Sigh, I’ve never heard of most of the songs on your lists.

[quote="Cat, post:13, topic:237996"]
Sigh, I've never heard of most of the songs on your lists.


I would be more surprised if you had. ;)

In no particular order...

Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce
Vicarious by Tool
The TSB version of Carol of the Bells
The Pot by Tool
Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks (one of the few country songs I own)
Battery by Metallica
10,000 Days by Tool
Broken Hands by Lamb of God
Right in Two by Tool
Reclamation by Lamb of God

Actually now that I'm looking at it these change on a regular basis... I bet in a month at least 5 of these are different.

Me thinks you’re not the only one here who feels that way. :o

I actually am surprised that you’ve never ehared of any of mf the songs on my list! (idiot:p! Just kidding you know.) Without making anyone look bad, who hasn’t heared of Everybody wants to rule the world or Bohemian Rhapsody? What about the Sound of Silence, one of the most famous songs ever, or Hallelujah? What about SOund of Silence for crying out loud!

[quote="Lost_Wanderer, post:16, topic:237996"]
Me thinks you're not the only one here who feels that way. :o


Heh, at least we can commiserate over our eccentricities together. :p

[quote="child_of_God85, post:5, topic:237996"]
1. "Run" Snow Patrol. The song is just so hauntingly beautiful. I also like the Leona Lewis cover, but the original is the best.

  1. "Moment of Surrender" U2. I love every single song that U2 has released, but this is my favorite.

  2. "The Cave" Mumford and Sons. I actually just discovered this band not too long ago, and love their music.

  3. "Sweet Child O Mine" Gun's n' Roses. This song is such a classic. The guitar work on this song is insane.

  4. "Uprising" Muse. One of my favorite bands. This song just gets you so pumped. Saw them live actually. Their brilliant.

  5. "Good Rats" Dropkick Murpheys. This band is so fun.

  6. "Lilie" Lisa Hannigan. My favorite female singer. This is what angels sound like.

  7. "Set Fire to the Rain" Adele. Her music is just so well written and she has such an amazing voice.

  8. "The Blower's Daughter" Damien Rice. He doesn't release music often, but his cd's are always well worth the wait.

  9. "Graphton Street" Dido. Dido's music just speaks to my soul. Her music and voice is amazing.


I really like that same song by Adele, number 8. She is so young and building a career for herself! ;)

Erk! I forgot another song that I really, really, like, especially since it is form one of my favorite films. its The Exorcist theme. Man I love this song. Its creepy yet relaxing at the same time. It can be found here: This is another song I wonder why I didn't put in my top ten favorites as I would have put it instead of the Phantasm theme. Be careful though, there ae a few pictures of Regan Mcneil on there which may be disturbing to some but I really suggest that you listen to this song.

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