Your top 3 faults

What are your top 3 faults you find within yourself? Impatience? Pride? Vanity?

Do you work on them daily? What do you do to try to overcome them?
Or have you kind of “given up” on them and let them remain in your everyday life and relationships?



Love of comfort

I work more on the first two, more than the last; but with all of them… I have a long, long, LOOOONG way to go. Please pray for me. Thank you and God bless.

All faults. :mad:

Pride for sure (I’m going to rope vanity in there as well)

Keeping God in my head as opposed to my heart

Being uncharitable

Only three? :o

Pride, Impatience (mainly a sort of lack of understanding of where someone is coming from; I have to be careful in my thoughts otherwise I get frustrated with people easily) and probably selfishness.

I’ve mainly been trying to tackle the big things like pride the most - up til recently I’ve lead a very easy and ‘soft’ life, focused on my own happiness, so any chance to put someones happiness above my own always seems to help - but like MarieVeronica I have a long way to go and definitely don’t always do what I know I should.

1.) Despair :frighten:

2.) Sloth :shrug:

3.) Pride :dts:

May God lead us to overcome our faults…and draw closer to Him.


hi there! what do you mean by that?

Only 3 eh? Well I guess they would be

  1. Trying to see all people as children of God (I get wrapped around the negative of some people that it is hard to see the good in them)
  2. Pride (that is a very hard one to overcome, but I try!)
  3. Truely this is all my other faults, I couldn’t limit to the top three, all my faults are in my top three and all need to be worked on.


I was taught that a person’s dominant fault was one of these: pride, sensuality & laziness. And sensuality is not only sexual, but love of comfort, gluttony, and all the other good things.

I can never decide which one of these is the #1, since they’re all so strong in me. So I guess by default, they are my top 3.

I do take it to confession and under the priest’s advice, choose one to work on in a specific way.


Hmm… I have a ton of faults :frowning: .

  1. Definitely pride, and I think that’s also what causes a lot of my fear.
    Sloth… why does most of my work need to be on the computer? :stuck_out_tongue:
    Selfishness… I guess that goes with impatience.

I’m making a plan to work on my faults and taking my priest’s advice, but sometimes I can get overwhelmed =(, I really need to take small steps at a time, and pray a lot about this.

I am way too lazy. Work is a four letter word that I try to avoid at all cost. I procrastinate often, our house is a mess and my desk is a pile of junk, actually a lot of piles of junk.

Sometimes I can curse like a sailor, and in a fit of anger may use the Lord’s name. This happens most often when I’m driving. Tailgaters, aggressive drivers, speeders drive me batty, although about 15 or 20 years ago, I was one of them - what hypocrisy. That’s what old age does to you, first you drive like a maniac, then later on you complain about them.

Sexuality used to be a real big weakness, but I pretty much have it under control. I have short minor lapses once in a while (it’s amazing how fast you can fall off the wagon with this one), but for the most part it is not as big a problem, at least I think it’s not.

In no particular order…

–> Impatience/Stubbornness: I am told that I get it from my dad’s side of the family (I get a lot from that side of the family…lol)

–> Difficulty in Trust: I find it hard to trust others…especially God. When it comes to things like my vocation, I just wish I knew where He wants me. It’s hard for me to trust that God will take me wherever I need to go.

–> Desire for love: I don’t know if that makes sense, but I really don’t know how else to put it. :shrug: I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, and when I see someone else who has a significant other, I desire to feel the same way…maybe too much.

Wow, you just described me when you answered this question! So, how do you (or will you) overcome these 'cause I know I have such trouble dealing with them!

God Bless!

I guess it’s a little ambiguous. I reverted to Catholicism mainly for intellectual reasons. (My reversion story is here As in, no other religion showed the internal consistency that Catholicism did. So God came to me through my head first. Aquinas proved His existence to me, so that’s how I came to believe in Him. Since then I sometimes am inclined to keep God in my head (intellectually know He exists, learn about Him etc.) but I don’t find that I give Him as much of my heart. It’s more like knowing He exists and knowing loads about Him, but not loving Him as much as I should.

pride, fear, uncharity

Try to accept any cross that He gives me. :sad_yes: Daily? More like hourly:rolleyes:.

  1. wanting people to stop making so many demands on me so I can just play – laziness?

  2. not trusting in the Lord/trying to control everything

  3. anger/flying of the handle at my husband and son

  4. gluttony

(okay, I know, that’s four, but there are SO many)

Ouch. It hurts to list your sins, but I am definitely guilty of these and tons more. Yes, I work on them, but rather than say daily, I would probably say (since I’m lazy :blush:) that I work on them periodically. I was just thinking about how much better I’ve been doing about not getting mad about such little stuff with my husband and I’ve raged at him twice this week already :crying: and it’s Wednesday :crying:

Can I put down more than three? I’d also add ‘love of comfort’ to mine.:rolleyes:

I’d have to say:

Wanting to have things my way (Many of the sins I commit are because they help me get something that I want in a negitave way. Usually it’s something that dosen’t matter too much.)

Holding Grudges (I struggle with this. If someone hurts me, I have trouble forgiving them.)

Weakness of Self (I hear the little voice in my head telling me something is wrong, but I igonore it.)


My Top Three Faults in order are:

  1. Pride

  2. Greed

  3. Vanity

Laziness / Apathy - not at work but in just about everything else: my household and, in particular, my prayer life - which I think is seriously neglected. I’m disappointed in myself for that. God help me, please.

I’m losing what few friends I had, so I guess I have some personality problem, too - be it emotions or insistence on doing things my way, even though I believe I’m right. :frowning: Yet, perhaps I’m doing some things the wrong way. Keep me in your prayers that I recognize/correct/reform - to what God wants for me.

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