Your view on "THE VIEW

This opened a discusion on abortion. Of course, I didn’t agree with some of their points. If I recall they did not mention the word “baby”. Are they scared of babies?

I never watch that show and don’t intend to. What did they actually say and talk about?
I guess I wouldn’t expect them to be pro-life considering who is on the show and the format.

No view, since I don’t watch the view, or any talk shows.

I have never watched the View.I have heard soundbites,that was enough for me!I can only imagine the discussion re abortion:(

It is a good show…they discuss current events from womens’ perspectives, and the “panel” of four, i think, includes women with different views and backgrounds, and they debate on many subjects.

So, for example, one of them is very conservative and religious…and I assume her view on abortion would be the same as many on this forum, and she’d express it. She’s very vocal about it.
And I’d imagine someone like Whoopi Goldberg would have much more liberal views than her, and be just as vocal.

But…not sure what you mean by them being scared of babies?
They talk about kids and babies on that show all. the. time.

It is unbalanced, having only one conservative, versus three (sometimes four, when Barbara comes on) liberals.

I’m not a fan of the show. Half the time it feels like the ‘liberal’ ladies are picking on the conservative lady rather then actually properly discussing things with her. I think all four women could use tranquilizers and generally I just disagree with most of what they say.

Really it’s a waste of my time so I don’t watch it.

I just heard a portion of “Babawaa Walters” comments on the View via the Dennis Miller radio show. Predictable:mad: Also,Someone called in to Dennis’ show,his comment"I am personally pro life but it isn’t my responsibility to force my opinion on someone else.Dennis’ response," as long as it is in the woman’s body,it is her’s to do with as she wishes.We can’t legislate morality"(not verbatim,but the gist) That is amazing to me,what is Obama and the left doing right now…forcing their morals,or lack thereof on us!!Argggh:mad:

I think you know exactly what they mean.As long as they refer to the nascent life in the womb as a fetus,is separates the killing of that fetus from actually being a baby.Never,mind that at five weeks ,no larger than a sesame seed,this “not baby” has arm and leg buds,heart is beating whole nervous system is already developing,but it is not a baby:(

Who is on there, and who is the conservative one? Are there different people on all the time.

I watched it a couple of times. I felt that their collective IQ might be 100. Most were liberal and the one conservative is very antiCatholic. I couldn’t figure out who Joy Behar is. She is not funny, well mannered or intelligent. Why was she hired?

I don’t watch the show because I have better, more mentally challenging things to do. Like cleaning out the litter box.

Currently, it’s Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Elizabeth is the conservative, and she’s also the youngest. She’s married to Tim Hasselbeck, who had a brief career as NFL quarterback, and was a sports commentator, but I haven’t seen him around recently.

Joy is a comedienne, though I’ve never seen her standup. Supposedly Sherri is too…

Total waste of time.

I don’t watch that show, but I work in a retirement home. The PSWs put that channel on to their station. As I was working I was hearing what they were saying. Woopi made a statement like THOSE people outside with their picket signs …blah, blah, blah. Barbara Walters ended the conversation with “IT"S A HARD SUBJECT”. It was weird to hear women talking about that issue. I was raised to believe that motherhood is a gift. Anyways, one other day I was working, they had mentioned the “B” word mulitiply times, which I found repulsive coming from adult women(maybe they are mothers - I don’t know). It’s difficult to have positive role models on T.V. nowadays. It’s freedom of speech - yes I know. I only watch ETWN for positive female feedback.

Sherri was on “Friends” she worked with Ross and Joey at the Museum, she’s in the lunch room scene where the Museum scientists, and the museum guides don’t interact.

She was also Robert’s partner on “Everybody Love Raymond”

And… here she is again:

But on the View she seems quite pro-choice.:frowning:

I can never decide whether to watch it, or to gouge out my own eyes with a blunt pencil. I am leaning towards the second, though :slight_smile:

I meant that because they never used the term baby during the discussion and someone said something about. “well, what do I do with it now, no one will take it” It’ referring to a baby. I might not be quoting the exact - words, as I was working. But maybe someone who did actually watch the whole discussion will clarify it for me.

I don’t watch the View, raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels. :mad:

This morning during breakfast, I was watching the Today show. The show had a panel of experts to discuss the morning after pill. One of the experts said, (Sorry, can’t remember her name),“The morning after pill prevents implantation of the fertilized egg. It’s not an abortion.”.

Hmmmm, sounds like an abortion to me! :frowning:

Is it just me??? :confused:

I have actually tried to watch that show but it raises my blood pressure as I do not and I don’t think ever have agreed with them. I actually find those women silly in their views on things. However, I did not know that Elizabeth Hasselhoff was anti-Catholic.

Joy is so anti Catholic she sends me through the roof as she berates Catholicism at every chance she gets–she is very ignorant of her own religion certainly is ignorant of Church History.

Whoopi is just well, Whoopie. She gives feminism a very bad name. Quite radical in her beliefs and won’t think one moment about shoving it down everyone’s throat.

I really resent the way hollywood uses their given spot light to tell us what we need to eat and who we need to vote for and how we should think about present issues as if they have some inside track on all this.

Dear God save us all from those idiots in hollywood.

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