You're banning discussion of... WHAT?!

Are you serious?! People got so riled up about **sedeva-- whatever **that you had to ban all discussion of the subject?!

Over at, a Jewish site specifically devoted to fighting Christian proselytizing of Jews, the discussion subjects range from whether Christianity is an altogether silly and stupid religion to whether circumcision should be considered mutilation, and although there’s some vituperative language at times, people – a mix of Christians, Jews and atheists, primarily – stay civil enough to keep the conversation moving forward on an intellectually meaningful level.

I’ve really gotta wonder about people – fellow Catholics, presumably, if this is an issue at all for them – who come to virtual blows over such an arcane subject. What happens when they get talking about some of the slightly more emotional, controversial and contemporary issues facing the Church today?

i agree i really dont think they should ban any topics–let people tlak about what they want–they seem to ban anything at all controversial----hek they will probably ban us for saying this–I THINK IT IS STUPID—LET US TLAK ABOUT WHAT WE WANT WITHIN REASON OF COURSE–I MEAN PROFANITY, AND OTHER OFF THE WALL DISCUSSIONS OF COURSE NEED TO BE BANNED BUT NOT THINGS PERTAINING TO RELIEGION–PLEASE MODRATORS GET A WILL YA AND LET US BE!!! GOD BLESS!!!1

Sedevacantism isn’t an “arcane” subject, but one of the leading sources of division in the Church today, as it ties directly into the issue of traditionalism versus modernism that is the subject of daily discourse and debate at ALL levels of the Church. The subject wasn’t originally banned, but after more than a dozen vitriolous threads on the subject in which a number of members were banned for inappropriate behavior that warranted it, the subject was determined to be too hot at this time.

I thought that was what this forum was for???

I think we al just needed a vacation from the subject matter, it doesn’t mean it won’t be addressed in the future.

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