Youth and belonging

Youth and belonging to the Community
In this time of deep crisis that is not only economic, but above all, crisis of values​​, young people in the Church are the most authentic witnesses of faith, hope and charity. I think we have to mention the many young people who live their faith in simplicity but in consistency.
They demonstrate to those that are part of thier constant social life, “far away” from God, but also to many adults “neighbors”, the good that everyone should do for each other, to help make the world today less individualistic, less indifferent to the poverty and suffering. Young people are attracted by the message of salvation of Christ and dont waiste time in speachless words but try to put into practice the Gospel starting daily from small signs to the most needy, disadvantaged, marginalized. There are those who assists an elderly, disabled, the sick and those who care for children alone, mothers in difficulty to other young people who have lost their sense of their own lives. But there are also those young with thier own “powerful experience” of life marked by pain. They are an example for others. This is why the Church always looks to the young, and is not afraid to confront them, indeed, offers them the great experience to translate faith in action, listening and reception: from speakers to works of charity, where the young people themselves put themself into the condition to accept or actually live the Word of God .
It’s so important that in our parish communities, young people feel the sense of belonging to the one body of Christ which is the Church and realize that they can give the freshness of their faith. We need to encourage them to express themselves more and more. And we adults should put us in a serene attitude of listening and dialogue. Do not forget that the problem of youth ministry is focused not only on young people and those “young people away from God,” but focuses on the importance that adults become true models for young people. Lets pray the Holy Spirit to keep in our Mother Church those adults that can express thier santity in order to become for young people true role models. The youth should see in us adults our true faith.

p.s : I say sorry to all you brothers and sisters for my bad english. I think in italian and write in english. I hope i gave you the sense of what i tried to express.

Thank you Fr Agrippino

God Bless all our Young People and children

I agree with you!

And your English is really good!

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