youth fun day

Hola!!! Saludos desde NYC :smiley:

My parish is planning a “youth fun day” for teenagers like myself! My question is: could I get advice to what name we choose for the event? We are trying to plan a clean (of course) and fun event for teens ages 13-18, anyone under 21 during the summer, the beginning of July. We want to do a day of dance, activities, and a great atmosphere to get to know one another better, as we’re trying to unify all the young people under one youth ministry, although we will all still be part of our distinctive groups. There will be adults and the teens will likely need parental consent to come even though we are doing it before the evening (around 1to 4) on a Sat. Youth are: under 21, Latino/a, very social, and behave generally well. What do you guys think?


Buena suerte. I wish I had an idea for a name, but alas, I do not. But, I just wanted to wish you the best. This sounds like a great idea!

That sounds so exciting! My friends always talk about how they do things like this, and they all like playing this game where everyone sits down in a circle and shares an embarrassing story about themselves! Good luck, I hope everything turns out great!

Bumping this thread in hopes that someone can come up with a name for the OP

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