Youth group curriculum? bluefish?


I didn’t know where else to post this…so hopefully someone here can help. I am looking for a really great Catholic youth group curriculum. I’ve looked at a program called Bluefish TV, and would love it if it were Catholic. Any ideas? Thanks! Moderators…feel free to move this if you can find a better forum.


bluefish is funny, technically savvy, and not too deep. i am not catholic (but i play one on tv… lol), but having done youth ministry for 14 years i would like to offer some input.

first, buy the book Family Based Youth Ministry by Mark Devries. he is presbyterian, but truth is truth and that book is truth. it is not a curriculum… it is a model (and i believe the only one that can ultimately produce life long disciples consistently).

next… write your own curriculum! it sounds daunting, but no one knows the students in your church and your area better than those in your church and area. i have been on committees that reviewed curriculum, i have written reviews, i have used numerous curriculum and i have come to one conclusion… they are all lacking. i have never found one that does what it is supposed to do. why? because the people who wrote it did so based on what was successful for them, in their geographic area and their church. it is so hard to repeat that success. youth groups are not franchises. do some research into the students that are coming and could potentially come and design something that will inspire them to come. but read the book i suggested first! it will show you ways to get the entire family involved.


I can suggest you can use Bluefish TV, if you like it.
You can adapt it using Catholic Church teaching. It the beginnings
of Catholic Youth Ministry the earlier Youth Ministers didn’t have
very much Catholic YM resources to go on. So, they had to adapt
other Christian youth group resources with Catholic teachings.
Of course other Christians have always did better in
areas that we as Catholics had or should’ve had for our faith.
i.e. Bible study, Youth ministry, Young Adult ministries,other
ministries,evangelization,contemporary Catholic music,etc. Unfortunately, some Catholics think anything that the CC does
today is “Modernism”.“Protestantism”, not even anything that will
help our fellow Catholics. It doesn’t matter as long as it has strong
Catholic teaching involved. IMHO
Oh, Philomena here are some other resources:
-YouTube - check any tag that relates to Catholicism
-Cornerstone Media- music resource
-Disciples Now -
-National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry
-St. Mary’s Press- Catholic Faith Handbook,Catholic
Youth Bible,Confirmation Program
and others.
-Spirit and Song- Contemporary Catholic music
-Liguori Publications - Youth Faith formation
-St. Anthony Messenger Press- Youth Faith form.


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