Youth homelessness

Is your parish doing enough for homeless youth ?
Are you personally doing anything to assist .?

We work in close association with the nearby Church of England church to provide a drop-in centre for all homeless in our (joint) parish. The volunteers there have an enormous amount of local knowledge to get them advice and help.

The young ones bring issues of their own, very often caused by shifting family make-up. A common scenario is that one of the adult gets a new “partner” who clashes with a teenager and the teen either leaves or is forced out. They take to the streets, sometimes sofa-surfing until they wear out their welcome and have no idea where to go for help. Sometimes drink or drugs play a part. At the very least they can a hot meal and somewhere warm to rest in the centre. The current economic climate here has made things much much worse in the big cities.

From a person-to-person aspect, for those who not able to help in a practical way, money goes from our collection plate straight to the centre to make sure that those who help on a daily practical basis can concentrate on that, and not wonder where the next penny is coming from.

I pretty much quit paying attention to US youth homelessness “statistics” once I learned that a kid could be living in his friend’s parent’s mansion and still be counted as homeless.

source ? :rolleyes:

Please do your own research. I stated a reason for making a decision for myself. I wasn’t trying to convince you or anyone else, so I have no intention of going back in time and digging up the source for you.

Your rudeness with the eye roll is noted, as is your lack of understanding of how and why statistics often get manipulated.

ok i accept you have no proof for your absurd statement :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

I forgive your rudeness both times, and 70 x 7 if need be. I pray you be blessed by God in Jesus’ name. :tiphat:

sanctimonious is always a option

“Couch surfiing” is one way of being homeless. “Homeless” doesn’t mean that you are living outside - it simply means that you don’t have a place to go with bed of your own to sleep in.

Kids who are living in their friends’ mansions won’t be staying there long term. The same bad habits that got them kicked out by their parents will also get them kicked out by their friends’ parents - or else if they overcome their bad habits, then they’ll go back home again.

I forgive you. Be blessed.

it isn’t in your purview to forgive or bless me

To be fair, not every kid who is couch surfing or living with a friend’s parents is necessarily there as a result of “bad habits.” Sure sometimes drinking, drugs, whatever play a role. But sometimes a kid is forced out of his home because mom has a new boyfriend/husband and he and the kid don’t get along. Sometimes a child is a victim of abuse and sees no solution other than leaving home. We must be careful not to generalize.

It is within the purview of all Christians to forgive others, and it is also within the purview of all Christians to pray for the blessings of others. True I cannot personally bless you, so it can now be clear that I pray for your blessing by God. Forgive my terseness and its lack of clarity in a previous post.

Good points, thank you for the reminder!

I know a couple of teens that were on the verge of becoming homeless simply because they turned 18. Their parents figured their job was done. :mad:

Two of the teens joined the military, one moved in with his girlfriend and is now working and attending college.

All three were offered a room at my house.

I know another teen that will need to find a place to live when she turns 18, another family that thinks their job is done at 18. She knows she is free to move in here.

All 4 teens, 3 of them now in their 20’s, are good kids that never did anything to be “kicked out.” Three of the four come from intact families, one is living with a married family member due to the death of the teen’s parents.

Thank you for your generosity to these young people. IMO, it embodies the true spirit of Christ.

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