Youth Mass and dress code

I was wanting to attend a Life Teen Mass at a parish near my house in order to possibly make some acquaintances with people my age and figure out to make the next step. But I was wondering about what I should wear. I was thinking since it was mainly teenagers there that it would be more casual and laid back. Is that true? For those of you that have been to a Life Teen Mass has it been your impression that they’re much more casual?

Most Catholic masses I go to a male is in place with jeans and a collared shirt. Females change that to blouse. Having attended college masses recently most are glad your there and attire is not as important. I’m sure that in jeans you wouldn’t be the most overdressed or underdressed person there, probably right in the middle.

Where whatever you normally wear.

God is happy you are at Mass. He’s not hung up on what you wear.

I live in the South and generally young males–eg me–wear khakis and a collared button-front shirt. This seems to be average dress throughout the different churches.

if you wear nice jeans (not the ratty type) and a polo, you will be fine. Most of the time, I’ve seen teens wear some sort of jeans.

I’m sure you’ll hear a bunch of different opinions on what is appropriate to wear for Mass, and whether or not we should always “dress or best” or claim that God doesn’t care what we dress like.

And I’m sure there will be people who think that a Life Teen Mass shouldn’t have a different dress code than any other. However, I’m going to talk to you as someone in your demographic (I’m not a teenager, but 21 and in college.)

If you’re a guy, I think either kakhis/nice clean jeans with either a polo or button down shirt will be perfectly fine. That’s what I wear every Sunday!

I’m a girl :shrug:

Thanks everyone y’all have been lots of help

Hopefully I will go in another week or so

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