Youth Ministries Partner to Reach More Young People for Christ

From the National Catholic Register.


Praise the Lord. We need to nurture more young people into the Church & to stay involved in the Church. My Parish has a very extensive Youth Program to keep the young people involved in the Church after receiving the Sacraments. Our Youth Program Spiritual Director who is a Priest has even taken the teens up to visit the Seminary. They also help out with the CCD & RCIA Programs & for Lent, do The Living Stations of the Cross.

I think it is great to join forces. It seems like so many ministries try to reinvent the wheel with each new ministry. Why not simply use what works from other groups and add on something new?! This should lead to much more efficient evangelization.

It’s about time!

Once you are out of “Life teen” and graduate high school you are basically on your own. I am 20 and we get no conferences or retreats. It’s nice to have people your age to relate too.

I hope something comes up near me. I can only think of one event I might go to this week but it looks like it is targeted more towards teens

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