Youth Ministry and Missionary Opportunities


Does anyone know of any missionary groups or organizations specifically designed for high school youth groups? We just took our kids on a mission with Young Neighbors In Action and are looking for other groups or organizations specifically designed for high school missionary opportunities. Anyone know of any?



I know there are several missions that go to Mexico and build homes for the poor. My husband and daughter coordinate one of them in Northern Ca.

Are you looking for an ongoing mission opportunity or once a year thing?


We’re looking for a once a year kind of thing. Like a 1 week mission trip somehwere here in the states.


Catholic HEART Workcamp is a one week mission for high school students. I just went there for the first time last week and they’re great, and they seem orthodox from what I can tell. Although, if you’re looking for an evangelization opportunity, you might want to look elsewhere as the camp, though it focuses a great deal with the campers on faith does not proselytize to the charities they serve. I had a great experience though, partly because I was at one of the “Next Level” ones that had required daily Mass and offered Adoration.


Why not start your own mission in your own city?

That is what our church youth group along with about 12 other churches did. The need for help among people in our own backyard is huge. So rather than spend $1000s on transportation traveling elsewhere, they drive 30 minutes to the inner city and get to work. The money they would have spent of gas, lodging, and food is spent on supplies for jobs (paint, fencing materials, building supplies, etc.) People get home repairs made, yards cleaned up, fences built, porches built, flooring replaced, and whatever else they may need done that they cannot do for themselves.



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