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I just got my Theology degree in December and i feel God calling me to youth ministry. I have had about 10 interviews for DRE etc and nothing has panned out. after about 30 resumes and stuff I am feeling discurraged. People tell me just to find a job outside of the Catholic Church but I feel like God is calling me there.

I am discurraged because if God really wants me in a church career why am I not getting any jobs? I have a job interview tomorrow and I am so nervous about it because I have been turned down so much I don't know if I am meant to work in the church. I don't know if this makes sense. I just wish I had the right words to say during the interview just so I could get my foot in the door and get experience.

I have been a big sister for big brothers/big sisters for 5 years, worked part-time in a school and help out at church. I just want to get my foot in the door. I feel alone. in December I gave my job search to God and well I am discurraged because I don't know if I should just give up in looking for a job in the churh and go for something in an office or as a Nanny or keep filling out resumes and keep getting rejected.

Any thoughts? I would love to hear your thoughts for I am getting so discurraged:shrug:


I think you are being called to children's ministry. That is what you want to do and you feel called toward it.

The reason why you're not getting a job is because there aren't many jobs available. The economy is in a terrible state, and even though it sometimes looks like there are openings, these usually go to people with lots of experience who got laid off from their previous job. Or they're scams. (I can't tell you how many jobs I've applied for on Craigslist, got an email and being excited that they actually replied, only to open the message and find out it's another scam.)

My advice is to keep searching, try keep a positive attitude and not get discouraged, and don't give up. Eventually you will get something, you just have to have patience and persevere. :thumbsup:


Maybe you're looking in the wrong place? Maybe look into something out of the state/country? Definitely talk to a priest about it :) May God give you speedy results!


Are you bringing a portfolio with you to the interview? Even if all you have is volunteer experience, make sure to bring the thank-you cards that you got from the kids you worked with last year, and any meeting plans, games, and other activities that you have created, to show to the interviewers, to show them that you are not only knowledgeable in your faith, but also a fun leader for the kids.

Also, make sure you point out the obvious things, like that you have had a recent police check, and a recent First Aid certificate. At least make sure these things are listed on your resume - I know that they seem minor and “of course everybody has that” because you can’t volunteer without them - but by mentioning them, you show that you pay attention to detail, and that all of your qualifications are up to date. :slight_smile:



I am also looking for a job in youth ministry but something that has helped me get interviews is the fact that I was a Core member at a lifeteen parish back at home. I have that experience to back up my degree in Early Childhood Education. But like someone else said that economy is in a rough state right now and the jobs are not out there but definitely look at doing more with the youth at your parish! Take pictures too! God is in control He will take care of it!!! :thumbsup:


Keep up the search and pray, pray, pray. God will answer with where He wants to take you. It may not, however, be the answer that you expect.

Peace and prayers for you and your ministry.


praying for you. have patience the job will come.


it is a down market here as in many other professions. in this diocese the synod in 2006 called for paid DREs in all parishes, as yet only 1/2 have certified DREs. 6 of my colleagues have not had their contracts renewed and their pastors have no plans to hire anyone to replace them and will rely on volunteers. The synod called for every parish to hire at least a part time YM, or share a YM with another parish, and I know of only half a dozen YMs earning a salary for that position in this diocese. We don't even have a diocesan staff person dedicated to YM for ages 12-18, only campus ministry.

If you don't have family obligations look into the Catholic Volunteer Network for leads to places such as Jesuit Volunteer corps, Maryknoll and other lay ministry opportunities to get at least a year long posting in a domestic or overseas position using your new degree and developing your skills. Wherever you find yourself, try to teach HS or Jr Hi CCD, there is no substitute for this experience.


We have a fantastic youth minister, but I think it's voluntary.

Good luck with the paid career and God Bless.

Maybe get a paid job and do this on your evening during the week.


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