Youth mission trips?

Is there such a thing as mission-type trips for college aged kids that are Catholic? We would be really interested in any information regarding trips where they would go for a few weeks (Or longer.) and do some sort of charitable work, but also have the chance to meet fellow young Catholics. Jeannie

Many dioceses organize or are aware of young adult mission trips during the summer months.

Contact you diocesian office and ask about it.

You may need to also check with the local catholic high schools about what they know. Like the local catholic colleges may know about some projects as well.

Some involve foreign travel, others may work in the local, a nearby area, or somewhere where a bus trip works out.

I do not know if there are groups that help coordinate (or advertise)this on a larger scale.

Hey Jeannie,

I was wondering that very same question myself! You have to be very careful what “Catholic” missionary groups you associate youself with. Many are political, secular, and openly oppose teachings of the Church. :bigyikes: (see my post in the “Maryknoll” thread)

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to make sure the group is faithful to ALL teachings of the church, especially on faith and morals. Ask questions on their views of abortion, homosexuality, prayer life, Eucharistic adoration, and confession. Talk to previous volunteers / missionaries with these groups.

Three groups I have found that are good are the Missioners of Christ, The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. You can find all on the internet but there isn’t much information on volunteering. :nope:

With the Friars of the Renewal you can work in South Bronx New York at their St. Anthony’s residence (highly recommended). I went up there for around 10 days earlier this year to see if I would go back for a year. It was a great experience. I got to work and pray with the friars who are all great Godly men:bowdown2: . However, after prayer and reflection I have decided to go on a different mission trip. I will be going to Honduras with the Missioners of Christ. I know that the MOC have short term trips to Honduras and I highly suggests that you contact them. They also have many opportunities here in the U.S.

Good luck with your search and may God guide you!

Check out Youth for the Third Millennium., I think. They do local parish missions, and the ever popular Mega Missions during Holy Week. Next Holy Week Mega Missions will be in Atlanta, Sacramento, Chicago and DC. They also go to Mexico City for Mega Missions every year.

Maybe they have something going on near you this summer. --KCT

Does anyone know of some really good catholic youth mission trips? I’m most likely going to go on one next year, and there are so many protestant ones, but I can’t find any catholic ones. can someone help me please?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check this out:

Contact your Diocese - they will be able to asssit you in finding opportunities.

Here is one I suggested to another person. They are based in the Dallas area. I hope this helps some.

Here is one.

I hope this helps

This is a good one, they do a lot of missions. A friend of mine did one for a year in the Philippines. It is also a great organization to be a part of.

Check out It’s a great website full of volunteer opportunities and it has a search function where you can pinpoint your search to different geogragphic locations, amount of time, and type of work.

Hi - our parish arranges mission trips during the summer for our high school age students. However, there is nothing for the college age young adults, and several have expressed interest in doing something. Does anybody know of a Catholic-based organization which provides organized service “camps” for the 18-21 year old, in the vein of Catholic HEART Workcamps? (combining service with worship and rally-type activities)

Thank you for your help

Does your diocese have a Young Adult or YOuth Office? You can call them and ask for information. Our kids go on mission trips to Guatamala. One of our priets had a freind who was a missionary there and he put up the kids and they helped him build a fish farm for the village. Also our diocese has a diocesan mission in the Dominican Republic and some of our kids went down there to help build a school. there is also a group called YOung Neighbors in Action that our kids went on and that was Catholic.

also contact you local Catholic campus ministry, even if you don’t attend school there, to become part of their activities.

the Response catalog which I have linked before lists missionary and volunteer opportunities, long and short term, by organization, geographic location (state or country), type of service, time, age groups etc.

How can one find any youth missionary groups?

Try this link…

It allows you to search according to your own preferences. God Bless your desires.

At the time of your post in February, we were in Pune, India training with Kerygma Teams. Since then we have been working locally here in Texas developing new opportunities for discipleship and evangelization training for young Catholics.

We just spent the July 4 2009 week in Chicago with a teen missions camp called SST (Summer of Service and Training), with the intention of adapting this program to Catholic youth by Sumer 2010. We took 14 and 15 year olds on the streets of Chicago to share their faith and pray for people. It was awesome. There were a few Catholic kids on this trip.

Please pray for our ministry in America. We are excited about what God is doing. Read about our work on our website:

Alan and Lori Harris

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post, but because everyone is talking about youth mission trips, I thought I would tell everyone that I just started a new group for youth ministers to discuss ideas and offer feedback and suggestions to each other, as well as prayers and support. The link to the group page is beneath my signature!


Another option is The Micah Experience. A Catholic youth mission trip organized by Group Workcamps (they’ve been doing mission trips for over 30 years). Check them out at

Do you mean mission trips or charity trips? Biblically and historically, missions trips have been for the preaching of the Gospel and evangelism, not works of charity.

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